Michael Floyd Wins Team MVP For Second Year In A Row


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Although Michael Floyd was unable to be a captain at any point this season due to the DUI arrest last winter, the senior was shown just how much he means to the team, as he was awarded the team MVP award at the Notre Dame Football Awards Show. It was an award voted on by the players.

Here are the rest of the award recipients from last nights banquet that also hosted a number of recruits:


  • Next Man In Award: Roby Toma
  • Rockne Student Athlete of the Year: Manti Te’o
  • Back of the Year: Robert Blanton
  • Guardian of the Year: Zack Martin
  • Moose Krause Lineman of the Year: Darius Fleming
  • Nick Pietrosante Award: Harrison Smith
  • Defensive Newcomer Award: Dan Fox
  • Offensive Newcomer Award: Jonas Gray
  • Defensive Scout Team Player of the Year: Brandon Newman
  • Offensive Scout Team Player of the Year: Everett Golson
  • Special Teams Heavyweight Champion: Austin Collinsworth


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A couple of things stood out to me as odd. Why don’t they change the name of the “Newcomer” awards? Having Fox and Gray win those was just odd. Gray is a senior, and Fox played quite a bit last year.

Fleming winning the lineman obthe year award was strange- but only because he is a linebacker. Hmmm…

And finally, I’m not sure if Kelly should wear more bowties, or never wear them again. Coin toss.

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