Irish Blogger Gathering: The Subway Domer Has Gots To Know

Irish Blogger Gathering, SON!!! Because of some stuff, the IBG schedule is getting a little bit of an adjustment. Subway Domer will host this weeks game against Air Force Academy, and Gameday 40 will now host the Wake Forest game. Holla!

Forget all the nonsense. Here are this weeks questions for the Brotherhood:

1. So, uh, the defense has looked pretty good. Give me a stat that most exemplifies what this defense is all about. Are we really as good as we think, or are we inflating the results?

2. What concerns you the most about Air Force? How will ND be able to ease your fear?

3. You’re the long snapper. You get into a bit of a fracas on the field and break your hand… just how dumb are you feeling right now?

4. FYI: Tommy Rees will have 2 more years of eligibility after this year. How is Notre Dame’s QB situation going to shake out over the next couple of years?

5. Subway Domer has always championed a “People’s Champion” if you will. This year, however, I just couldn’t make the call before the season began. We dig great hair, tattoos, and at least some playing time.  Who would you name as the Subway Domer People’s Champ? Keep in mind, at no point in time were guys like Te’o or Floyd eligible and that should help guide you.

6. OK, talk to me about Saturday. Give me:

  • 2 reasons we lose
  • 2 reasons we win
  • Any prediction you might have for the game ______.

7. I love hardware. There is no hardware on sale this week… bummer. Give me your thoughts on Notre Dame’s “rivalry trophy” situation, and would you change anything about it?

BONUS: If the 4 Notre Dame scholarship quarterbacks could be quantified as a present or former country in the world; who they be?

Readers can submit their responses (if they so choose to do so) in the comment section below. I will link all IBG responses as they roll in. HOLLA, HOLLA,HOLLA!!!!! 

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