Irish Blogger Gathering: Revelations

irish blogger gathering
So the Irish Blogger Gathering is hosted by yours truly this week. Guess I know exactly who to bitch to about these weak ass questions… CHACHI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On to the IBG:

1.So, uh, the defense has looked pretty good. Give me a stat that most exemplifies what this defense is all about. Are we really as good as we think, or are we inflating the results?

I’ve been throwing around this stat for a couple of weeks and since no one has countered me, I have to believe it’s real (I actually did look it up- but i never double check anything).

Notre Dame has not allowed an opposing running back to score a rushing TD against them since Stanford’s Marecic punched in a 1 yard score back on September 25, 2010. Over 1 year ago.

Yes there have been a few TD’s via QB sneak in that time, but to not allow a sixer from the guy that is supposed to be doing it, means this defense is doing its job. They stop the run, and force the opposing defense to throw the ball.

If you take away the 4th quarter of the Michigan game, this defense could legitimately be touted as a top 5 defense. Is that an accurate assessment of the unit? Maybe not, but for Notre Dame to be included in that conversation (especially after the schedule thus far, which is rated as the #5 toughest) is not only a major leap, but a major statement.

They are that good.

2. What concerns you the most about Air Force? How will ND be able to ease your fear?

Have you watched Air Force play? The speed and precision of the way they play their offense is scary. It’s not just the actual play, or even the option itself. Air Force’s pre-snap movement and jet motion is confusing as a Dennis Miller reference of a 16th century French writer on Monday Night Football. It’s annoying. On top of it all, Air Force does a nice job of passing the ball.

So, my biggest fear is that the ND defense starts “wandering.” Meaning: they ain’t staying at home. Considerring the amount of young guys we play and that Ethan Johnson will not be 100% ready to play, if he plays at all, I have to wonder if this unit has the discipline to STAY HOME!

I’ll be at ease once I see ND playing within itself on defense and… STAYING HOME! Assignments fellas.

3. You’re the long snapper. You get into a bit of a fracas on the field and break your hand… just how dumb are you feeling right now?

I just looked like a total badass on national television. I feel great! Oh yeah, the hand… It’s not like I’m snapping real well anyways, so maybe it will help. But still, I’M JUST A LONG SNAPPER!

4. FYI: Tommy Rees will have 2 more years of eligibility after this year. How is Notre Dame’s QB situation going to shake out over the next couple of years?

I’ll play the the role of St. John the Divine and bring absolute judgement to the table:

  • Dayne Crist reluctantly moves on. Crist heads to ND 5th year hotbed, Delaware. 
  • Tommy Rees continues to start. 
  • Andrew Hendrix transfers to either Cincinnati or Miami (OH). Becomes the next “MAC Quarterback” we all talk about. 
  • Everett Golson rides the bench another year after being redshirted. He plays in some “packages.” They work OK.
  • Luke Massa returns to man up the Red Hat Army.

5. Subway Domer has always championed a “People’s Champion” if you will. This year, however, I just couldn’t make the call before the season began. We dig great hair, tattoos, and at least some playing time. Who would you name as the Subway Domer People’s Champ? Keep in mind, at no point in time were guys like Te’o or Floyd eligible and that should help guide you.

And the TRUE Subway Domer People’s Champion is… Kona Schwenke. Tats, Islander-Fro, does the Haka, and is a supreme badass. As much as I wanted him to redshirt this year (which would have given the title to Dan Fox) he is playing now. Bad news for offensive lines EVERYWHERE.

6. OK, talk to me about Saturday. Give me: 2 reasons we lose 2 reasons we win Any prediction you might have for the game ______.

Saturday has so many possibilities.

We lose because:

  1. The Notre Dame defense did not stay home and the Air Force offense moves the ball at will.
  2. Turnovers. Lots of them.

We win because:

  1. The Notre Dame defense does what is does best; they stop the run with assignment football.
  2. Our running game continues to over power. Over 250 yards for the day.

Prediction? Irish win 41-20. Notre Dame gives up a garbage TD late, but owned the game along the trenches. Fuck a chop block.

7. I love hardware. There is no hardware on sale this week… bummer. Give me your thoughts on Notre Dame’s “rivalry trophy” situation, and would you change anything about it?

It’s ridiculous to think that we don’t share in the celebratory madness with these pieces of victory. Either bring them out to the field, or throw them into the trash. If you would ask the players, after showing them ALL of these trophies, they would want them on the field too. C’mon BK… break ’em out!

BONUS: If the 4 Notre Dame scholarship quarterbacks could be quantified as a present or former country in the world; who they be?

  • Dayne Crist: Japan. Dayne has had his knees bombed twice and was still the starter at QB. Unfortuantely, his rise was halted from a Tsunami of turnovers.
  • Tommy Rees: Canada. Unassuming and full of good cheer and knit hats.
  • Andrew Hendrix: Australia. He looks Australian- which is to mean he looks like a surfer/outback guy. Could be full of surprises. Does anyone know if his father is a convict? Would really tie this together.
  • Everett Golson: England. Seems small in nature, but can hurt you all over the globe with a presence that’s seemingly EVERYWHERE. King Everett. (Also would bet that his wedding will have a global TV audience.)

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