Irish Blogger Gathering: On Stranger Tides

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Welcome to the weekly Irish Blogger Gathering. This weeks IBG is hosted by the good folks over at SB Nation’s One Foot Down.

Let’s IBG this thing…

1.) Coach Kelly refused to fall on the proverbial sword after USC.  He felt that some of the players that needed to play with poise just didn’t.  Do you agree or disagree?  Did coaching play a role in our egg-laying against USC?

Yes on all counts. This is a team game. Players and coaches can have equal blame. Having said that, I think Kelly was in the right by not “falling on the sword.” There is only so much coaching that a guy can do. It ultimately falls upon the player to execute. At the very least, this was a challenge to the players to step up and play tougher, both physically and mentally.

2.) In their post-game interviews, Coach Kelly, Jonas Gray, Harrison Smith, and Tyler Eifert all called the atmosphere for USC “electric.”  Coincidence?

No, because that is one of the few phrases that you can use. In any interview situation, you rely on your cliches. See Bull Durham for further reference.

3.) Is your faith in this coaching staff shaken after Saturday night’s debacle?

No. If mistakes were made, and there were, I believe that things will be better in the future. It was a RIVALRY game. This type of shit just happens every now and then.

4.)Should we be satisfied with a mere win over Navy, or does it have to be somewhat convincing?

If we would have beaten Southern Cal, I could have lived with a close win- especially due to our losing streak to Navy. However, we lost to Southern Cal; an epic beatdown is most necessary. We need it, but more importantly, the team needs it.

5.) Will the Irish shut down the vaunted Navy triple option, or are we in for a shootout?

The Irish will shutdown the Navy attack, but will also surrender quite a few yards in the process. This is what happens against option teams. Notre Dame should score a lot of points quickly, which will give Navy even more possessions. I can live with that.

6) Take us out with a quotation, clip, or photo to summarize your post-USC/pre-Navy state of fandom.

I’m over the USC game. It’s time to take care of business.

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