Bagpipe Monday: The Recruiting Pipes

Welcome to Bagpipe Monday. Friends, as the Christmas season winds down recruiting is building back up at a feverish pace. Although we are at the beginning of a “dead period” this is the time where rumors and some real moves are made.

Notre Dame is no stranger to horrible recruiting news during this stretch, it also has had a lot of success as well. Unfortunately, the misses and disappointments outweigh the good.

Do yourself a favor and remain calm. DO NOT GO ON THESE KIDS FACEBOOK PAGES OR TWEET THEM! DO NOTHING. I don’t care if it is positive- don’t do it. Be an adult. Be a real human being. Would you want some 17 or 18 year old kid blowing you shit on your Facebook wall about changing jobs, or moving out of your neighborhood? I didn’t think so.

Grow the fuck up and let them do the same.

The poll continues… Enjoy the pipes!

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