Special Announcement: The Irish Blogger Gathering Returns For A 3rd Year

irish blogger gathering

If you have an extra hop in your step, or are having trouble sleeping at night, than you are probably very aware that the start of the 2010 season is closing in on us… fast. On Sunday, August 22, you can basically say that Notre Dame (and most of the country) enters into a bye week.

The Irish Blogger Gathering is preparing itself for what should be a program-defining season for our beloved Fighting Irish. The IBG (as we usually call it) is entering in to its 3rd year of existence. Although I, The Subway Domer, first created this IBG, it is for ALL Notre Dame blogs to use and participate. The membership list has changed for 2010, but it only means that we have grown.

Instead of having a “Preseason” IBG post, I am using this time to introduce you to the IBG members, and provide our schedule for the season:


The IBG Knights


While these are the current members, the IBG accepts any and all Irish blogs to participate. Merely email me at subwaydomer26@gmail.com and I will fill you in on all the details if you wish to join. While these constitute the blogs themselves, some blogs may have multiple writers who then can provide separate responses to the questions provided by the “Host Post.”

Speaking of the “Host Post,” or “Host Blog,” they will be providing 4-6 questions for the week that they are scheduled. The other members will then post responses on their own blogs and links to those responses will be found on the “Host Post/Blog.”

The schedule breaks down like this:

  • PURDUE—> UHND Blog
  • MICHIGAN—> Her Loyal Sons
  • MICHIGAN ST.—> Inside The Irish
  • STANFORD—> One Foot Down
  • BOSTON COLLEGE—> Domer Law
  • PITT—> Irish Round Table
  • WESTERN MICHIGAN—> We Never Graduate
  • NAVY—> We Are ND
  • TULSA—> Subway Domer
  • UTAH—> Clashmore Mike
  • ARMY—>Rakes of Mallow
  • U$C—> OC Domer
  • Post Season Wrap—> Irish Creed
  • BOWL—> ???????????????????

If there is a bowl game, the host post for the bowl game will be decided in the weeks leading up to the game after a proper pentathlon has been completed with the following events; 1. Thumb Wrestling 2. Stare Down 3. Tecmo Bowl Tourney 4. Levitation 5. Singles Flippy Cup.

For all of you readers out there, be sure to let your voice be heard and let the IBG members know why they are awesomer than a Winger/Slaughter mixtape, or why they are so insanely wrong- like Jay Mariotti, by commenting on the posts, and Tweeting like you just saw Mel Gibson hit a female minority in the face with a copy of the Turner Diaries. (whew)

So, let it begin. This is now your gateway into the minds of the greatest Notre Dame Football Thinktank in existence, called… The Irish Blogger Gathering (yes, yes, I know the name sucks).

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