Irish Blogger Gathering: Pirates, God Damn Pirates Ask Questions

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Welcome to the Irish Blogger Gathering host post for NAVY. There are communication errors when you send messages in a bottle across the sea, and unfortunately- that happened to the IBG this week. Never fear, you land-lovers. Subway Domer will try and salvage this shipwreck with a few short questions that our Captains can answer in a timely manner.

I will have my answers in an upcoming post (translation: tomorrow), and I hope to hear from the rest of the IBG and provide their input here as well. (BTW- Shameless plug: Subway Domer will be hosting the IBG for Tulsa next week).


1. Notre Dame routinely gets blasted by the media and other fans for scheduling Navy every year. It gets especially out of control when Notre Dame decides they want a portion- or all of the Commander in Chief trophy when they put either Air Force and/or Army on the schedule. Would you like to see this series continue or blown up? Why? If the series was forced to end, who would you replace them with that isn’t on Notre Dame’s schedule in the next decade. Bonus points if you come up with someone other than Alabama or Texas.

2. Before 2007 (and even still) Navy was treated like the neighbor kid with a terminally ill disease that does charity work and plays basketball against you in the driveway, by the media and fans when it came to their game against the Irish. Personally, if I was a Navy player, I would be pissed at the lack of respect given because of all of the “respect” given. Know what I mean? Seriously… answer that poorly phrased question. (I’m a pirate not a wordsmith).

3. It seems like the injury bug has really hit the Irish this year. We’re not talking about leg amputations or eyes popping out of the socket, but there is a trend of frontline players getting injured. Bad luck, or is this staff pushing the envelope with some of the players? Navy is skilled in the dirty tactics art of the chop block. Do you have any special concerns this week in terms of injuries?

BONUS: Give me your prediction for this weekend. Good. If Notre Dame continues to win, when (homonyms) will they creep back into the top 25?

Check back for the answers- right or wrong, we all walk the plank.

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