Divine Mandate

robert hughes
We have seen games like this before. We have seen our hearts filled with joy- only to be ripped from our chest and slowly chewed upon by our enemy until it lay there; destroyed and a bloody, lifeless mess. It has been a normal ending for too many years in South Bend.

But not this year.

God finally got that phone call from the Vatican, and it gave us a divine mandate. A promise worthy of a triple rainbow after a flood. A victory over our enemy. It was never supposed to have been a loss- because divine providence declared otherwise in Notre Dame’s 20-16 win over Southern Cal.

I will get into a lot more of the particulars in the Hangover post this upcoming week, but before I do, I want to give some Subway Domer love to three players:

Robert Hughes

Perhaps the game MVP. He carried this team on his back and inspired the boys on the line to block for him as he carried the ball 11 times for 69 yards and got the go-ahead touchdown to put the Irish in the drivers seat for the win. Gutsy, powerful runs from a senior.

Harrison Smith

It would have been unfair to Smith had Ronald Johnson caught that deep pass. Smith would have been crucified by everyone for slipping on a wet field. As it turned out, divine mandate was enforced and he got the interception to help end the game.

Brian Smith

After the Utah game, I talked about Brian Smith and thanked him for his time at Notre Dame. That was a bit premature, as he was one of the biggest reasons that this defense flat-out owned U$C tonight. He was everywhere; blitzing, in coverage, against the run- he fucking dominated.

Like I said. I’ll have a lot more in the Hangover post, but until then, and for the next few weeks; celebrate this victory and celebrate it hard. It was a great victory and perhaps, a foretaste of the feast to come. Oh Brian Kelly, you awesome S.O.B. you… 

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