The Thrill Is Gone

I blame myself. Seriously. It’s not that I have anything to do with any outcome of any game- but I think my attitude this week was exactly the same as this teams attitude was this week. So I’m guilty too…

I didn’t care. Not at first. Not until it was too late.

The Fighting Irish lost their edge this week and it took a long time before they were able to sharpen it in the slightest. A flat and uninspired team came out against Navy and lost. Mistake after mistake was made on offense, defense, and in the playcalling for both units. “How”, is almost irrelevant when you consider “why”.

The thrill was gone, and this team paid the price.

Due to a national shortage of Registered Nurses, my wife went to work and I stayed home with my baby girl, so I didn’t drink a drop. Now, the baby is in bed and my bottle of Irish Mist is open and vanishing quickly. I am no longer responsible for anything else that is posted on Subway Domer tonight. I doubt it will be much if anything at all- but I needed to warn you now.

The Thrill Is Gone.

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