The Subway Domer Bowlagna

Welcome to “That time of the year.” I love it… Bowl season. Now, I realize some of you strongly disagree with my assertion that Notre Dame should have went bowling- even if it was the Windex / Bowl. That’s OK. I’m sure Brian Kelly wouldn’t want 15 practices to learn what type of personnel he has before spring ball ever gets started. Who needs a headstart to overhauling a program anyways?

Even though our beloved Fighting Irish aren’t playing, it doesn’t mean we can’t have some fun with this…

Join the Subway Domer bowl pick-em group at if you desire glory and all that it entails. It’s free, and the winner will receive the soon-to-be-released-sometime-soon official Subway Domer t-shirt from  

Easy Directions:

  • Follow this link to join… LINK TO JOIN.
  • Groupname: The Subway Domer Bowlagna
  • Password: sergiobrown
  • Fill out your entry
  • Done.

Pretty easy. The highest score will win the t-shirt.

Now, go… and seek ye glory.

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