In case you didn’t already know, Notre Dame has turned down a chance to play in a bowl game. Notre Dame released this statement on Friday:

Notre Dame athletics director Jack Swarbrick:

“After meetings again today involving our coaching staff as well as the leadership group representing our football team, we have made the decision to remove ourselves from consideration for any postseason bowl game this year.

“Notre Dame institutionally always has been a strong advocate of the bowl system, and we sincerely appreciate the bowls and individuals representing them who reached out to us. However, the unique circumstances surrounding our program at the current time prevent us from making the commitment required to compete in a bowl game. If the landscape had been different, we would have been thrilled to take part – and we certainly look forward to being part of the bowl system in the years to come.”

Dreadful. The logic, or said logic, is horrifying.

I’ll make this short and sweet and very much to the fucking point. Here we go:

  • Nowhere in that statement, did it say that the players voted against going. I have heard that they did vote it down- but nothing official has come out. If that is true, it shows exactly why this team dropped its last 4 games. Where’s the blood?!
  • How arrogant is this decision? The media and the haters liked to smash Charlie Weis for being too “arrogant” but nothing is as arrogant as thinking you are better than something you probably don’t deserve in the first place.
  • Do you think if Texas, U$C, Florida, Alabama, or whoever else at the top of the mountain, would have a 6-6 season with a coaching change, would turn down a bowl bid? Not a chance.
  • You play in your bowl games. Plain and simple.

I don’t care if the players voted no, you play to make them practice. I don’t care if Jimmy Clausen himself, is calling the plays for that game- you play. Unique circumstances, my ass. Absolutely pathetic. Notre Dame should have sucked it up, played in whatever bowl game was the best available to them, and they should have never made this a vote on whether to go or not with the players.

My blood is boiling. Fucking gutterballs for the holidays.

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