There Can Be Only One: Week 12 & 13 Results

Holy shit! This thing is close! One more week to go… 1. Holy Cross (362)Minnesota St. 3. Catawba (360) 4. Texas St. (356) 5. Mt. Union (354)Shawnee St. 7. Appalachian St. (350)Columbus St. 9. Tufts (346)Slippery Rock

Bagpipe Monday: No Rumor

Here at Subway Domer, I have been staying away from passing rumors around. However, I am not blind, nor deaf. I realize that Weis is probably done and the search is on. I have my preference (Stoopy) but I will not be involved in passing the rumors along. Sorry. There are message boards a plenty for that. So, […]

Random Randomness Ponders The Future of Notre Dame

In the wake of the loss at the hands of UConn last Saturday, The Subway Domer (me in the 3rd person) has decided to take a major step back from posting anything and look at the situation with Notre Dame with a wider lens. I didn’t even vote in this weeks Blogpoll- which I take very […]

There Can Be Only One: Week 13 Games

Please have your picks in by Thursday at 8 PM. Notre Dame @ Stanford Texas A&M VS. Texas Louisville VS. Rutgers Illinois @ Cincinnati Toledo @ Bowling Green Auburn VS. Alabama West Virginia VS. Pitt Nevada @ Boise State Duke VS. Wake Forest Oklahoma St. @ Oklahoma Florida St. @ Florida Arizona St. VS. Arizona […]

Connecticut. November 21, 2009

My dear royal subjects of Subway Domer, I must apologize for what seems like the millionth time this season. The posting has been inadequate and I have forsaken the Anti-Preview for two weeks in a row. Two losses I might add. Two program-changing losses. The lack of quality posts is not because the season has turned […]

Massive Video Love: UConn Week

As this season winds down to its last few regular season games, the focus has been more and more on Charlie Weis and his future with Notre Dame, rather than the opponent to be played this week or last week or next week. The upcoming game versus UConn will be the last home game of […]

Weis VS. The Media

Charlie Weis faced some tough questions from the media. The earth is still spinning and tomorrow will come.

The Pitt Hangover: Someone Pissed In My Cheerios

The Hangovers are getting harder and harder to concentrate one. With so much uncertainty surrounding the entire future of the program, never mind the season, providing a recap of the last loss is as gratifying as a colonoscopy without anesthetics. However, there is a lot to discuss about the team and the program after this […]

Blogpoll Ballot: Week 11

Rank Team Delta 1 Texas 2 Florida 3 Alabama 4 Cincinnati 5 TCU 6 Boise State 7 Georgia Tech 8 Pittsburgh 9 Oregon 1 10 Ohio State 2 11 Stanford 13 12 Oklahoma State 4 13 Wisconsin 6 14 LSU 4 15 Clemson 6 16 Brigham Young 6 17 Oregon State 18 Virginia Tech 19 […]

There Can Be Only One: Week 12 Games

Please have your picks in by Saturday at Noon. UConn @ Notre Dame Michigan VS. Ohio State North Carolina @ Boston College FIU @ Florida Wyoming VS. TCU Ole Miss VS. LSU Michigan State VS. Penn State Northwestern VS. Wisconsin Purdue @ Indiana Arizona State @ UCLA Cal @ Stanford Kansas @ Texas

Irish Blogger Gathering: Headlines

Welcome to this weeks edition of the Irish Blogger Gathering, or affectionately also known as- The IBG. How many headlines have you read this week concerning Notre Dame? Sure, the number is usually pretty high considering the national fascination with the Notre Dame football program, but once again we are forced to swallow every headline […]

Massive Video Love: Pitt Week

Players and coaches spoke with the media about the Navy game and the upcoming contest against Pitt. One of the more interesting interviews was with Corwin Brown, who rips Navy’s coach Niumatalolo. Also included are the Irish captains, Tenuta, Golden, and more.

The Navy Hangover: All Overboard

Do these things just happen? Do teams lose games to teams with less talent? Well? The answer is; Yes, of course. However… when one of those teams is Navy and the other is Notre Dame- they typically haven’t for the past 40+ years. Once again though, Navy has went to South Bend and crushed the […]

There Can Be Only One: Week 11 Games

Have your picks in by 8 PM on Friday. Notre Dame @ Pitt West Virginia @ Cincinnati (FRI) Baylor VS. Texas Duke VS. Georgia Tech Tennessee @ Mississippi Purdue VS. Michigan St. South Carolina VS. Florida Idaho @ Boise St. Stanford @ U$C Iowa @ Ohio St. Mississippi St. VS. Alabama Louisiana Tech @ LSU […]