The Tommy Rees (Re)Transition – An Insider’s Take From Evan Sharpley

The week after Everett Golson's 2013 expulsion/suspension was confirmed I was fortunate enough to discuss what the aftermath might be with not one, but two former Notre Dame quarterbacks – Matt Mulvey & Evan Sharpley. In 2007 Sharpley started games against USC & NAVY and was a key backup to record setters Brady Quinn & Jimmy Clausen while suiting up between 2005-2009. Sharpley was also a star baseball player in South Bend and after finishing up on the gridiron he spent 2 years in the Seattle Mariners system and a year in the Independent Frontier League. Below you'll find some of his comments to my questions regarding Tommy Rees's upcoming season and what Evan says he's discussed directly with Tommy as his biggest need in regards to improvement this offseason.

Be sure to check out the first part of this interview featuring Matt Mulvey HERE. The interviews contain a lot more great info than I've included in posts. Irish fans need to tune in!

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On Media Lowering 2013 Expectations Without Everett Golson

Sharpley: "You look at his record (12-4) and he hasn't lost a lot of games. Aside from a few turnovers in the Red Zone, which is his Achilles Heel – he really does have a great career up to this date."

He's the best when making quick decisions and he's not being pressured. He's able to get the ball out in timely fashions but that's how it is with most QBs."

What He's Suggested To Tommy This Offseason

Sharpley: "The biggest thing I'd encourage him to work on is agility and quickness so he can extend those plays. I think he knows it full well and talking with him – he KNOWS he's not the most mobile guy and that's not a dig towards him. If there's one part of his game, and QBs are always trying to get better, it's that pocket movement where he can extend that play for 1-2 seconds longer than what he's done in years past to pick up some big 1st downs and big plays down the field.

Who Benefits Most In 2013 With Tommy Rees At QB

Sharpley: "You've seen him come in last year in key situations – and being a former quarterback I know when he's changing a play based on the look he's getting – that he helps the receivers and backs … you need to trust a guy like Tommy is gonna put you in the best situation. I think what's funny after what's happened here with Everett, what's missed is the two big gaping holes at the running back position and the All-American tight end. Not necessarily the quarterback position but you have three other guys who were a huge part of your offense you have to fill.

I really feel that with a guy like Tommy at the helm he's gonna put you in the best play possible to have a winning opportunity."

IF Tommy Starts Every Game, Which One Is All-America: RB George Atkinson III, TE Troy Niklas, or WR Davaris Daniels?

Sharpley: Davaris Daniels.

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Final Note: Evan Sharpley is now the Director of Fitness at the Eastlake Athletic Club and is JACKED. This isn't or even BleacherReport so I'll just give you the link to a photo he posted on Twitter and YOU can decide if you want to click it

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