Notre Dame Michigan Review Podcast With HuffPost’s Jordan Schultz & Matt Mulvey

The 2013 Notre Dame Fighting Irish and their fans have been served a few mighty doses of reality thanks to the Michigan Wolverines. It ain't 2012 and that defense gets farther away with each passing day. I reviewed the game, player performances, and adjusted season expectations with two fine gentlemen. Jordan Schultz opens the show and you can find his work at The Huffington Post and he also has a weekly radio show on NBC Sports Radio that is well worth your time.

Also making a return to the Man Cave QB Podcast is former Fighting Irish quarterback Matt Mulvey. Now in his second year off the field, Mulvey still has strong reactions and opinions regarding the play of ND signalcallers. He tells it like it is regarding Tommy Rees's performance against Michigan and gets on George Atkinson for his poor play.

We're all frustrated but these guests both provide quality insight into what's "next" for Notre Dame


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