Rapid Reaction: Notre Dame 20, Michigan State 3


Stand up Irish fans! Puff our your chest! We went ON THE ROAD and obliterated a TOP TEN TEAM.


Every bounce went our way, THEIR quarterback found zero rhythm, THEIR offensive line was dominated, THEIR star player was invisible, THEIR defense couldn't get a 4th quarter stop, THEIR coaches were outschemed, THEIR special teams struggled.

As all coaches say – it's not about them, it's about US. NOTRE DAME made the game-changing plays, NOTRE DAME'S quarterback was the athlete making the most plays, NOTRE DAME'S defense didn't slip up at any moment, NOTRE DAME responded to it's best player being neutralized, NOTRE DAME'S offense with a 4th quarter lead and the ball drove the length of the field and put the dagger in, NOTRE DAME had the best defense on the field for four full quarters, NOTRE DAME looked the bigger, faster, stronger, more disciplined, focused unit and the best team in a game where one of the competitiors had a Top Ten ranking next to their logo.

Irish fans – these are some newsflashes that haven't combined in this manner in a long, long, long time.

Did it get better? YES!!! As Notre Dame shut down Michigan State one more time for good measure the news trickled out that Matt Barkely & USC had been embarassed against Stanford to take our dream evening into nearly unimaginable joy. FUSC baby!!!

Next Saturday will be my first EVER Notre Dame game in South Bend after some great times in my home state of California in Los Angeles & Palo Alto cheering on the Irish. You know what the forecast is: Top Ten Ranking with a chance of ESPN College GameDay. As I offered on my personal facebook page to my friends and family from the West Coast:

May all Notre Dame, Stanford & UCLA fans join in harmony this night of beauty and grace. That is why they play the games y'all!!!!!

You know who I get to break down this game with tomorrow??? LOU HOLTZ! Loving life! Tune in: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/tnndnradio/2012/09/16/lou-holtz-on-ask-oscar