ND BC 2012

Rapid Reaction: Notre Dame 21, Boston College 6

#4 Notre Dame 21, Boston College 6

The cheerleader in optimistic Irish fans wants to grab those feeling lackluster about the 21-6 victory how they'd react if they'd have been told on July 1st the Irish would be 10-0. August 1st? September 1st? October 1st? Those of us who follow the team religiously would have jumped out of our seats hugging everyone in sight but as we digest a second straight week of moderately dashed game expectations we're prone to overlook our fantastic reality – The University of Notre Dame Football Team is 10-0. As of Sunday they'll have beaten two teams in the current Top 12 and posses a very legitimate shot at playing for a National Championship. Get up! Celebrate greatness!

In regards to the game – Boston College, as can be expected to against a top-ranked Irish squad, came to play and had all their own tricks ready for deployment. Manti Te'o spent nearly two full seasons obliterating any and all screen plays. Opponents haven't run them much since the middle of 2011. Te'o instinctively read them and destroyed RBs & WRs alike. The 2012 Irish defense wasn't totally prepared and the Eagles saw forms of success in a screen game that accounted for #5 as priority number one, often with multiple players. As they've done all season as as the new #1 Scoring Defense in America, they limited damage and shut down BC at the most opportune moments. Throw in ANOTHER fantastic Manti Te'o interception and we've got some things to be happy about.

Everett Golson was fantastic in this game. Accounting for all three TDs (2 Pass, 1 Rush) and none of the turnovers, it was of little fault of the sophomore that ND didn't pile on a few more touchdowns and rack up the sought after "style points". Forget em – They would be icing on the cake for one of three undefeated teams who happens to boast the best Strength of Schedule. The Irish control what they can control and when the dust settles voters *could* have the benefit of common opponents to distribute their final human votes. The USC game is very conveniently situated for that. Pretty smart of Golson to start looking more favorably to Tyler Eifert as well.

Enjoy it Irish fans. This is special. Half the players we're rooting on weren't born the last time Notre Dame was 10-0. Take it all in … maybe find an Alabama fan to talk some trash with.

Side Note: DaVaris Daniels may be out for the rest of the regular season according to his dad. Also interesting to see what the word is on KeiVarae Russell who didn't play much down the stretch.