Rapid Reaction: Notre Dame 20, Purdue 17

"Rapid" is a term used especially loosely this week. There are a lot of ways to take in a Notre Dame Football game and the marvel that is technology certainly was on my side this weekend. As mentioned in the preview, my attendance was expected at a wedding that kicked off about 15 min after the 2nd half of the game started. The wedding was at a country club and was held on some newer looking turf. It's no coincidence the ceremony was blazing fast and improved the atmosphere of the entire evening. Jokes aside, the wedding was faster than George Atkinson III. I heard he was fast but have little recent evidence.

We had the game playing on my girlfriend's iPhone during the car ride piped into my truck's stereo speakers. After taking our places on the fake grass, I looked at the GameCast every 8 seconds until about 4:00 left in the 3rd quarter when the nuptials started rolling. The ceremony ended and I was 1st in line for a cocktail before slipping to the back of the green. I was blasting Don Criqui's play-by-play and sipping some bourbon on the rocks solo. Surely I looked like a real winner to all my girlfriend's family and friends. Did I mention I was holding two phones at that point? One with the radio broadcast, the other with the GameCast. Then Golson fumbled the ball and I took my private party even farther away from human interaction and out of sight out for fear of polluting the air with words so foul that I'd scar the many children in attendance for life. Some bros in a passing golf cart slowed as they approached me in my muted, focused anger at these innocent mobile devices and offered a tip around the time I heard "Tommy Rees is now in the game at quarterback" and I screamed "FUCCCCCCKKKKKKK" like I'd laced one into a lake with a 2 shot lead at Augusta. These fellas pointed to the clubhouse, about 300 yards away, and said, "There's a bar with a couple TVs dude." Moments later I was sprinting up the wooden steps where I found club members lounging and tuned into the USC-Syracuse game. Thankfully the TV in the back, one of those enormous 1990s big screens, was unattended and I switched from the golf channel to NBC in time to catch a replay of Rees to John Goodman on 3rd down. This is where I realized that Criqui and crew weren't pulling an April Fool's Joke – Tommy Rees was in fact running the Irish in a tie game late in the 4th quarter. I strapped on my "Team Player" hat and cheered on #11 as he did what Tommy Rees does and the OL, for one final but momentary glint, got a push in the middle and Theo Riddick danced to the sealing 1st down and field goal set-up. Naturally we give ourselves way too much time for the "holder can spike the ball and we re-kick" play and make the game even more interesting. We won, I ordered a Grand Marnier neat and sipped on the cordial while pondering what had taken place. I texted Matt Mulvey and asked him "What the hell just happened??" and he replied "Everything". This, my friends, was MY Notre Dame-Purdue 2012.

I still don't know how to react to this whole game properly. I didn't know when it was rapid and I don't know 20+ hours later. You could sugar-coat the living shit out of this win. We did have 2 CAPTAINS on the sideline of a tight 4th quarter rivalry and won. We turned the ball over less than our opponent again. We held a Big 10 team to under 100 yards rushing and Everett Golson, in just his second start, had some electric plays to accompany 67% passing, nearly 300 yards in the air, and two touchdowns. Davaris Daniels might just be a play maker, Bennett Jackson looked better and Stephon Tuitt & Louis Nix III combine for two of the best defensive linemen in all the land. Our back-up kicker nailed a game-winning field goal and we won the damn game.

You could also take other game notes, throw them in a brown sack, light it on fire and use it for a hilarious prank. After gashing Navy in Week 1, Brian Kelly and company decided that running the ball wasn't worth the time against Purdue. Electric running back GAIII had just a single offensive touch … because you want your biggest back taking fewer snaps against a stacked defense? Our offensive line was prone to penalties and vicious manhandlings all afternoon. Oh – and if you play DB or DL at Notre Dame you're gonna get in the game and probably get injured.

Always celebrate the victories Irish fans and remember we're 12 months removed from 0-2. The #1 Michigan State blogger just told me over the phone that Sparty is prepped to give ND an ass whupping. I countered stating this will also be the best defense they've played in 2012. He agreed with that too.


Go read SubwayDomer's "The Hangover: Purdue" and watch the included video. Seriously.