Staff Podcast – Subway Domer & Herring Bone Prep For USC


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After months of speculation, The Subway Domer finally dropped in on the Man Cave Quarterback podcast and we celebrated Notre Dame lighting up the #1 at Grace Hall and on the BCS computer screens. we could have chatted Irish football this week of all weeks for hours on end – but we only had 15 minutes. Our first time bantering together focused on the biggest topics: USC, National Championship, Heisman hopes, and the greatness of 2012's Senior Day. If you're looking for lively debate, this probably isn't the place. Like most Irish fans we're a pretty nostalgic and confident bunch heading into USC Week. Let's keep it that way, huh?

Also on this podcast is John Walters, former Sports Illustrated writer & 1998 ND alum. Walters has been detailing his thoughts on Manti Te'o and his Heisman campaign in quite a few locales, none better than, which is a daily must-read. In his segment on this podcast Walters praises Manti's ability to change the entire perception of the school and program while buying in 100% to represent all that Irish faithful expect of their leaders. He then says he'd vote for Johnny Manziel if he was on the Trust.

Don't miss Part 2 of this week's podcast featuring the Red Army Review with former ND quarterback Matt Mulvey (09-11) and a USC fan who happens to be one of my best friends.