Notre Dame v Alabama: ROCKY IV

Ivan Drago is a 6’5,” 261 pound stone-cold killa.  He does not brag, he does not boast. In fact he rarely even speaks.  When Drago does talk, it’s generally with 2000 pounds per square inch directly to your dome. Drago dominates everything.  He is the best…. The champ… Ivan Drago is Alabama.

Apollo Creed was flashy. He was the dancing destroyer. Creed was not nearly as big as Drago, but he had panache and a pretty damn good record.  Creed “was” Georgia.

Creed gets an Exhibition fight (the SEC Championship) and enters confident, but was woefully unprepared for the sheer strength of Drago.  Creed fought to the end just like the Bulldogs, but for all the flash, the effort, the confidence; Creed is simply outmatched and dies in the ring.

Nice knowing you Georgia…. Enjoy the non-BCS afterlife.

Rocky Balboa is dramatically smaller than Ivan Drago, and every sane person on earth would tell you he has no chance to beat this cold-blooded killing machine.  Balboa has significantly more losses on his record over the last few years than does Drago and is all but forgotten before he returns for the bout.

Remind you of anyone?  Say, perhaps the 2012 Notre Dame Fighting Irish?

Alabama has demolished virtually every challenger in the last 5 years in dominating fashion.  Sure Drago juiced (allegedly), and Alabama oversigns, but the truth is they are bigger, faster, stronger, more emotionless, and just better than everyone they face.

Alabama probably comes out against Notre Dame firing on all cylinders and packing some “stank” on it’s punches.  They have been there before and are best prepared.  They are favored, they are polished, they are Drago.

However, what those outside of the Irish faithful fail to recognize is how the challenger will stay in the ring.  Notre Dame WILL continue to battle and openly accepts that the end result may be the same as Georgia.  However,  this fearless attitude may also be the difference in the outcome.

I can guarantee in the 2012 BCS National Championship, the Irish WILL have the exact same tools Rocky used to win:  Will power.  Desire.  Stamina.  Destiny.

Everything you hear and read… everything you have seen in the last 5 years… every “eye-test” says they have no shot, but if cheesy sequel movies from the 80s have taught us anything, its that everyone loves when the outmatched underdog wins…. It’s the American Way.