Blog Davie is Our New Great Karnak

You know what time of year it is, the time when everyone makes their pre-season predictions!  I always find the preseason predictions amusing primarily because there is almost no accountability for making wrong predictions. But we’re about to change that at Subway Domer with the first ever Great Karnak Trophy. So let’s hop in the way-back internet machine and time travel to August 2011. It was a time filled with hope… before the dark times… before South Florida.


Here is what the collective Irish Blogger Cognoscenti thought before the 2011 season began:




Final Rank



Subway 12-1 BCS Title Game 4 Oklahoma Theo Riddick
Blog Davie 10-3 Fiesta 13 Alabama Trent Richardson
Keith NA Rose NA NA Andrew Luck
Frank 10-3 Sugar 10 Alabama LaMichael James
NDTex 12-1 Fiesta 4 Alabama Andrew Luck
One Foot Down 13-0 BCS Title Game 1 Notre Dame NA
Irish Round Table 10-2 Orange 8 Oklahoma Kellen Moore
We Never Graduate 12-1 Fiesta 4 Alabama Landry Jones
Let’s Go Irish 11-2 Sugar 11 Alabama Andrew Luck
Domer Law 13-0 BCS Title Game 1 Notre Dame Michael Floyd
Matt Quirion* 10-3 Sugar 12 Oklahoma Andrew Luck
REALITY 8-5 Champs Sports Bowl not ranked Alabama Robert Griffin III

So what do we learn, other than we’re all a bunch of unabashed ND homers?

1) A blog-year for a blog is much longer than a dog year for a dog, probably 1 year of blogging is analogous to something like 12-15 years in real life, making Subway Domer a cranky 70-year old man.

2) The Heisman can come out of nowhere, I mean, Waco.

3) Alabama <gag> was pretty good last season and not just on paper.

4) Other teams that look good on paper (Oklahoma) will often turn out to be made of paper.

5) Even with extremely rose-tinted glasses, even our biggest blogging bears couldn’t have foreseen the disaster that was the beginning of the 2011 season.

6) If we all keep predicting a breakout year for Theo Riddick it  has to happen eventually, right?

And 7) that eternal pessimist, Blog Davie, is the first Great Karnak champ scoring closest on final record, final ranking (obviously correlated) and picking the National Champ, edging out Frank from UHND by going with a lower final ranking. Congrats, Blog.

Thankfully in football, as in life, past performance is no guarantee of future results.

13-0, Baby!!!

*UPDATED 12:28 Central. Formerly DomerMQ of Her Loyal Sons. @mquirion now tweets on technology, current events, and occassionaly college football.