Blogpoll Top 25 Ballot: Week 9

What can you say after the HUMONGOUS win in Norman? Not much to add to what SubwayDomer and Herringbone and a bunch of others have already said better than me besides how much better everything is today. My food tastes better, my cold is going away, and my kids seemed less annoying as I got them ready for school. 

As for your humble scribe's ballot this week, you already know which big names have fallen. The BCS is a mess. While unlikely, there is a distinct possibility for us to have four undefeated teams at the end of the season as I really, really don't see Oregon or K-State stumbling. That doesn't bode well for Notre Dame's chance at the title (provided they win out) because A) the Hate and B) in reality the once daunting schedule has softened considerably over the course of the season. I said last week that the narrative would shift to make the OU win less impressive and you can see it happening on the Four Letter, but, hey, double standards are nothing new for Irish fans. 

But for now, let's forget about all that and enjoy the finest win in a long time. Peace.