Blogpoll Top 25 Ballot: Week 8

Well, looks a lot like last week as South Carolina and West Virginia take a tumble and everyone esle stays pretty much the same.  Seems like all the talking heads are going on about how ND is the weakest in the BCS top 5.  I want the readers out there to be prepared, if ND wins in Norman, prepare yourself for all the talking points about how "it isn't a very big win" cause they are vulnerable at home (see K-State already did them in their own house). Same with USC should ND beat them (they are having a down year not living up to expectations).  It doesn't affect the compters but does sway the subjective human voters. Nobody wants ND involved in the national title game. Nothing will be impressive enough on Saturday. A loss and everyone writes us off. A close win and we get lucky or some call to go our way. A big win and the Sooners aren't any good. Mark it down.