Blogpoll Top 25 Ballot: Week 7. I GIVE UP!

One week after crowing about my West Virginia and South Carolina picks they of course both go out and stumble.  The Mountaineers , ugh, the stench of that one is gonna hang around for a while. I didn't think it was possible to frustrate that offense so thoroughly. I had also bragged on Iowa State last week who though they lost to K-State (as they should have given the rankings) were pretty much shafted by the officiating on numerous calls. I'm going to leave them pat until Ok. State kills them next week.

But who cares about all of that! Our beloved Fighting Irish pulled out a win that will be "long remembered." (This Blog is self-styled after the Empire afterall).  I literally don't see much difference in the top ten anymore and truthfully sense an overall weakening of the SEC (that just means that they are human, people, not invincible). Anyone of these teams can beat anyone else on any given Saturday as far as I can tell. The flip side is that they can lose on any give Saturday, too. What will happen next week? I've given up trying to predict and the only thing I care about now is beating BYU.