Blogpoll Top 25 Ballot: Week 6


What a great weekend for Irish fans! All season long, every game I have been waiting for something to go horribly wrong, but this was the game that shook me out of that horrible sensation of dread. I've guarded against believing in this team all season just to save the mental trauma, but this is shaping up to be the best season for the Irish in a long time. So much so that so that I've moved them all the way up to #4 this week. 

It was a huge week in the top 25 as a lot of ranked teams took it on the chin. I've had some big misses this season (basically every Big 10 team I've ranked except for Ohio State) but I would like to go over a few calls I feel pretty good at six weeks into the season.


1) I was one of the earliest believers in West Virginia, never having them outside of the top ten and moving them into the top five quicker than the national polls. 

2) I was always vocal about being down on Florida State, was extremely reluctant to finally include them in my top ten but did a few weeks ago right before the inevitable stumble which came this weekend against NC State.

3) Every week in this poll I had South Carolina ranked ahead of Georgia and so wasn't surprised to see them beat the Bulldogs pretty soundly. 

4) I had Iowa State in the top 25 two weeks ago before they tripped up against Texas Tech. With Jared Barnett in at QB now instead of Steele Jantz (as it should have been), they went on the road to snap TCU's twelve game win streak. People need to stop calling these games upsets.

So those are this week's rankings. Bring on the Cardinal!