Blogpoll Top 25 Ballot: Week 4

So the Steve in Iowa clan had an amazing time at the Michigan game on Saturday. We saw the D shut down Shoelace, we met the legendary Man-Cave QB Steve Herring, and the kids got to see a huge win in their first ever Notre Dame game. But enough of that, I'll try to have a retrospective up tomorrow. The weekend was so draining that it's taken till Tuesday to even get the blog poll in. 

Anyway the shakeup in the top ten was mostly out of looking at where to put Kansas State and then checking the undeserved rankings for everyone else. K-State, Stanford, ND, and now Florida State each have quality wins. WV, Georgia, and South Carolina do not. Until they do they don't deserve to be ahead of this weeks climbers. And Iowa State? Just wanted to be ahead of the curve when they beat Texas Tech and climb into the other guys' polls.