Blogpoll Top 25 Ballot: Week 10

Well here we are with three games left and all anyone wants to talk about is how Oregon has passed up Notre Dame for third in the BCS. If you’ve followed my ballot, I’ve pretty much had Oregon as number two all season long and had Notre Dame ahead of K-State all season long, so I’ve always had a bigger problem with the Wildcats over the Irish rather than the Ducks. Whatever. If the unthinkable happens and our top four teams go undefeated, I’m not gonna cry about a matchup with K-State for what would probably be 2nd place in the country. All you can do is play the games you have, win them all and forget about the rest. Personally, I think it makes for an interesting question, given the choice of A) playing for the national title and losing of B) going undefeated but being shut out of the national championship game which would you choose? (This is just for the sake of argument, people, I’m in no way saying that ND couldn’t win against Bama in the National Title game). I’d take the undefeated season which–even without a title– IS STILL AN UNDEFEATED SEASON!

As for the rest of the poll who really cares at this point? Our big faller is LSU (can’t bring myself to have a two loss team in the top 10 yet) while everyone else is more or less the same (UCLA the big winner as far as moving up). Oh yeah, I had promised myself not to rank any other B1G team in the poll other than tOSU for the rest of the season, but darn it if Nebraska just didn’t show enough to get ranked.