Blogpoll Top 25 Ballot: Week 1


Well your pollster has sort of a boring week 1. Exactly two losses in my top 25, Michigan and Georgia Tech. Michigan’s was to be expected since I had them lower than the real polls and they were completely outmatched by Alabama. Va and Ga Tech also had a close match as was expected since I had them at 17 and 24 on my ballot. I saw enough from Alabama to move them to the top. They just looked that dominant, sorry LSU, Oregon, and USC, you guys looked good, too, but not as devastating as Bama. Oregon moves up a spot based on a REE DICK YOU LUS first half performance. The others that get shuffled around are West Virginia and Clemson based on strong showings while Wisconsin and Georgia slide a little. Still not doubting Wisconsin. Despite a tight contest against UNI, the Panthers have been an elite FCS school for years and are capable of putting a scare into a lot of FBS powers. Oh, and I have ND moving up into the top twenty! Bring on all the hate.