Irish Assemble!

    The off season is twenty different kinds of boring. Nothing to write about but conference realignment and quarterback controversy. Yawn. But the offseason does coincide with the summer blockbuster season and nothing is bigger in the world of popculture right now than this Friday’s opening of The Avengers. There are few things that […]

Who will be THE MAN?

Who is Max Browne? The short answer: Max Browne is THE MAN. (THE MAN? I’ll get to that in a moment). The longer answer: Browne is the five star QB prospect from Sammamish, WA, who just committed to USC’s 2013 recruiting class earlier this month. Per standard operating procedure, Browne is set to graduate fall […]

Taking the Subway

A few weeks back Blog Davie and I were sitting around still wallowing in the horribleness of the @ChampSportsBowl and wondering if we could ever again find meaning in life. It was a bleak time. Recruits and assistant coaches were dropping like flies. The program seemed adrift. Then, just when we were most filled with […]