Our First Time

This is the most beautiful sight these eyes have ever seen!– Daniel Ruettiger on seeing the field at Notre Dame Stadium, Rudy 1993 (Take that Walt Whitman) There are a lot of people with opinions on the playing surface at ND. Go figure. From the Brawling Hibernian’s take to Subway Domer’s piece and even Rocket89 […]

ND’s biggest Rival: USC

Subway Domer posed the question to everyone yesterday in the Monday Pipes post and it got me thinking. Who is Notre Dame’s biggest rival. I think you can tell by the image of the Shark that its clearly the USC Trojans. USC provides the Irish with a formidable opponent every year and its the game […]

Blue-Gold. April 24, 2010

Welcome to the first Anti-Preview of the year. This is a week we have all been waiting for this spring, the Blue-Gold game. We are going to take a look at a preview of Saturdays game and clue you in on some of the important things, like what you should be drinking for Saturday. So […]

Irish Blogger Gathering: KGG’s Take

The Irish Blog Gathering has been posted here at Subway Domer and we have gotten some great responses. It looks like everyone is eagerly awaiting this teams rise to greatness, and the excitement seems palpable. Subway posted his responses a couple days ago but I realized I didn’t share some of the same sentiments so […]

Bagpipe Monday: Fire it up

Everyone, last week we asked if Notre Dame should bring back Clashmore Mike as the mascot. This poll has been extended this week to get some more votes. Its an extremely important poll, so please vote. This weeks pipes come from none other than the greatest piper band of all time, The Notre Dame Bagpipe […]

Jimmy vs. Brady: Which QB Would Charlie Pick for the Chiefs

You may be wondering why Charlie Weis is on the cover of this story. No we are not saying that we wish Charlie Weis were heading back to the Golden Dome. Charlie Weis’ hand groomed quarterbacks were available this offseason and it sparked a debate over which QB Charlie would choose to run his Kansas […]

Spring questions that keep me up at night…

“We have to get more touches for the three dynamic players at running back. Somebody had to go to receiver. And Theo has the best overall skills.” – Coach Kelly Lets look at some of the spring story lines with the Irish…   As the start of spring practice is just around the corner, there […]

KGG and Subway Domer

Days we all remember as ND fans. Jimmy committing to ND over USC, the Bush Push, Tim Brown winning the Heisman. February 24, 2010, the day KGG joined up with the Subway Domer and the Brawling Hibernian to bring you the latest ND insights. When the Brawling Hibernian joined Subway Domer it was announced on […]