Notre Dame Football Top-7 Odds To Win Second College Football Playoff

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish have some lofty expectations heading into a season with a quarterback starting his first full campaign. Notre Dame finds itself in the top-seven for best odds to win a National Championship, hanging around some of the best programs in the country.

The Fighting Irish are currently listed with 20-1 odds to win the National Championship, slightly ahead of the Oregon Ducks, who lost in last year’s National Championship Game, as they are 22-1. Ahead of Notre Dame is USC and Baylor at 15-1, Auburn at 12-1, TCU at 15/2, Alabama at 7-1 and Ohio State at 12/5.

One thing for certain is that if Notre Dame gets through the season unscathed or with even one loss, they would earn their spot in the four-team College Football Playoff. With a tough slate of games fast approaching for this season, below are some of the toughest games on the schedule with their secondary market ticket prices provided by

9/5/2015 | Notre Dame Fighting Irish vs. Texas Longhorns | Notre Dame Stadium | Average Price: $931.56 | Get-in Price: $453

The season opener for Notre Dame is against the Texas Longhorns and is the second-most expensive game in college football on the secondary market with an average price of $93.56 and a get-in price of $453. Not all Notre Dame tickets will have benchmarks quite this high but their brand recognition is stronger than any other team in college football and this further proves it. Fans looking to get to Notre Dame Stadium at any point in the season can use for the cheapest airline tickets.

10/3/2015 | Clemson Tigers vs. Notre Dame Fighting Irish | Clemson Memorial Stadium | Average Price: $459.67 | Get-in Price: $366

Clemson is primed to surpass Florida State in the ACC conference and are the favorites to win the division. This will probably be Notre Dame’s toughest road test of the season when they travel to Clemson in early-October. The average ticket price for this one is $459.67, while having a get-in price of $366, continuing the high prices for Notre Dame tickets. Hipmunk has cheap hotels in Columbia starting from $54 ready to be booked for the ultimate football weekend, as this should definitely be a good one.

10/17/2015 | Notre Dame Fighting Irish vs. USC Trojans | Notre Dame Stadium | Average Price: $521.48 | Get-in Price: $211

One of the top projected teams from the Pac-12 will be playing Notre Dame as well, as it’s time for the Trojans to come to South Bend for their annual rivalry game. The average ticket price is $521.48 with a get-in price of $211 when these two teams play for the jeweled shillelagh. It’s generally one of the most anticipated affairs of the whole season.