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Have you ever wondered who in the hell is putting out all of this stuff? Yeah, me neither. You just open up the internet and magic shoots out of the screen and into our brains…right? 

At any rate, here is the Subway Domer Staff which spans from New York City to San Diego with pins in between:

The Subway DomerThe Subway Domer
Editor-In-Chief / Emperor 
Twitter: @TheSubwayDomer

You pretty much know everything that you NEED to know about you fearless leader. Although brash and full interesting uses of the profane section of Webster’s Dictionary, there is a special kind of insight and candor not found in most Notre Dame football blogs. The Subway Domer has been operating this site (and other snappy versions of the site) since December of 2006. That makes Subway Domer one of the oldest and most consistent Notre Dame blogs on the web. 

brawling hibernianThe Brawling Hibernian
Writer / Philosopher
Twitter: @BrawlHibernian

One of the most mysterious and well-spoken staff members, BH has been with Subway Domer for a long time and is the senior member of the staff. BH was once a lonely blogger with his own site. The Subway Domer is also known for his keen eye and bloodhound nose for talent, and after some very intense rounds of negotiations (also known as Absinthe), The Brawling Hibernian was on board as the New York / New Jersey wing of Subway Domer. He is also rumored to have a concubine proofread his material.

Writer / People’s Champion of Utah
Twitter: @KGGBlog

People from Utah are straight shooters. They have no time for BS, as well as no time for beer that has any alcohol greater than an O’Douls. Perhaps the latter explains his trek to San Diego, but it is that straight forward style, that once again… caught the eye of your Omniscient Overlord and Emperor. KGG was the first member of the staff that had the balls to meet The Subway Domer face to face. That’s Utah shining through for the masses. 

knute school foolKnute School Fool
Writer / Video Composer / Spiritualist
Twitter: @Domernati 

Also known as “Irish Tightness,” KSF can also be described as as an “Unofficial” staff member. But not really…. KSF has put together some fine videos, and we down right politicked his ass over to Subway Domer for good when he was included in Subway Domer’s “Where We Stand” post. He was the only writer to have a “meh” as his answer- in fact he had a few. Unfortunately, Notre Dame is 0-2 when KSF and The Subway have bro’d out together. Those losses include Michigan ’12 (outdoor projector screen freakfest) & USC ’12 (the doomed journey to the Bend). Seriously, it’s KSF’s fault.

steve in iowaSteve In Iowa
Writer / Commander of the Corn
Twitter: @SteveinIowa1

Steve In Iowa is not only just a classic example of a great Internet handle, he is also a devout Irish fan and spreads the gospel Subway Domer throughout the cornfields of the great plains. 

More on Steve In Iowa and the other Staff members will be posted soon. For now- we sleep. 

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