The Best NFL Draft Picks of All Time

The centennial NFL campaign is in full swing and it’s becoming clear what some teams might need in the next draft but rather than focus on that, we’re going to have a little tribute to those picks over years gone by who weren’t necessarily tipped for greatness when they arrived on the scene but now […]

  5 Top Picks For Your Fantasy College Basketball League

Fantasy basketball is huge, and college basketball’s exciting young talent has spawned its own independent popularity. Creating a successful fantasy college basketball team really tests your mettle as an avid fan and a prospective manager. Sites like have made finding team stats and their odds of success so much easier, but stats are not […]

Improve your Football Betting with amazing ways

While betting on sports, it’s essential to keep a few things in mind. Yes, it is a game of luck, but if your mind works faster, you can change your fate in your way. All you need to do is a few things. Go to LSM99 for amazing football betting stats. Understand the Concept of […]

NFL Game Day: Colts @ Steelers

Who: The Indianapolis Colts vs the Pittsburgh Steelers. What: Week 9 of the 2019 NFL season. Where: Ketchup Field, Pittsburgh, PA. When: 1 PM Eastern, Sunday, November 3rd. Daylight saving time goes into effect at 2 this morning, so everyone’s going to be griping about that. TV: CBS. Once again we get their #2 crew of Ian Eagle […]

A Notre Dame retrospective: the top 5 of all time

While it is good to be enjoying the current events of the game, it is sort of important to go back and check out the all-time stars just so that we know what kind of legacy the Notre Dame players have to live up to. This way we can both remind ourselves what to expect […]

Top Tips for Sports Betting

Everyone loves to back a winner and many are passionate about their sport, they study form, they know the players and maybe their knowledge brings them the confidence they need to place a bet on a winning outcome. Sports betting can be exciting and it can be great fun. Some people will not necessarily have […]

Notre Dame Pulls Off a Unique Uniform Against Syracuse

Notre Dame had arguably its biggest game to date this season in a showdown with 12th-ranked Syracuse. It was the Fighting Irish’ last remaining hurdle in their quest to attain a College Football Playoff berth. As such, the game was played at Yankee Stadium, which made it even more epic, playing on the big stage.  […]

How to choose your football team?

If you can’t against the enemy, join him! I know that football does not seem so attractive as your girlfriend says, but I promise that it is interesting. Encourage yourself to make a small effort to get the taste of this sport, so you will have a more common hobby with your lover and you […]

Big Deal: Save $25 on ALL Ticket Network Orders

The 4th of July weekend is coming quickly upon us and our friends at Ticket Network are running a special promotion to celebrate our Independence Day! Use promo code USA25OFF to take $25 on all orders over $150.00*. If you can’t save the world from an alien extinction this 4th of July, at least you can save some […]

Notre Dame Tickets Inexpensive On Way To March Madness

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish men’s basketball team is a safe bet to play some type of role in March Madness next month, but took a temporary step back with a bad loss to Georgia Tech this past weekend. Despite a tough 63-32 road loss, the Fighting Irish remain one of the more intriguing sleepers […]

Fans Confident In Notre Dame’s CFP Chances Can Already Reserve Face Value Tickets

The fourth College Football Playoff rankings were released Tuesday night and both the Oklahoma Sooners and Iowa Hawkeyes leaped the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. Notre Dame was fourth last week but struggled in their three-point win at Fenway Park against Boston College. Iowa is a perfect 11-0 after their win against Purdue, while Oklahoma took […]

VICTORY: Notre Dame 30, Georgia Tech 22

Notre Dame won an impressive victory over Georgia Tech, 30-22 despite the small point differential. CJ Prosise busted through the line for a 91 yard touchdown run that ended up being the difference as it put the Irish ahead 30-7 late in the fourth quarter. Prosise would finish the day with 198 yards on 22 […]

The Anti-Preview: Notre Dame VS Georgia Tech

The Anti-Preview is alive and well and living in your mom’s basement. Notre Dame survived a close encounter with the people of Hooville last Saturday, but they paid a severe price as they lost two more starters in Durham Smythe and Malik Zaire. The Irish did find grace in the steady play of backup (well […]

Notre Dame Haiku: Volume VII

And we’re back with more Notre Dame Haiku. Loyal subjects, the goals are simple this year. One Haiku post for each game week, and you can / are expected / are invited to submit your own haikus via the comment section below (keep scrolling, it’s down there somewhere) or if you are on Twitter, you […]

Bagpipe Monday: Men Of Steel

The bagpipes are playing a solemn tune today, but we can not live in sadness. Mailk Zaire is out for the year after suffering a broken ankle on Saturday against the Virginia Cavaliers. But, in what will be yet another chapter in Notre Dame Football history, the backup quarterback DeShone Kizer stepped up to the […]

VICTORY: Notre Dame 34, Virginia 27

Notre Dame walked out of Scott Stadium bruised, battered, and victorious after a 34-27 win over Virginia. The Irish were ripped back down to earth by an inspired Cavalier football team, after the Irish had a week of high hopes infused with a confidence that we haven’t seen in South Bend in quite some time. […]