The Texas Hangover

The Hangover has gone rogue. Normally, this post is filled with stats from the game that either make you fist pump the night away, or put your fist through a cardboard cutout of Joey Galloway. Not this week. The lateness of the hour reminds me that we have all feasted on the complete awesomeness of […]

Bagpipe Monday: Improvement Needed

The pipes are blasting a happy tune this Monday after Notre Dame’s 38-3 thrashing of Texas. In fact- we are all down right giddy at the prospect of just how good this Fighting Irish team might actually be this year. It was a thorough beatdown of a Texas team that was clearly outmatched and still […]

VICTORY: Notre Dame 38, Texas 3

Notre Dame’s 38-3 dismantling of Texas was decisive and explosive. The Irish outgained Texas; 527 yards to 163 yards and the difference in those totals accurately depict what happened inside Notre Dame Stadium on a warm September night. It wasn’t a perfect night. The team made mistakes in all 3 phases of the game, and […]

The Anti-Preview: Notre Dame VS Texas

And the LEGENDARY AntiPreview is back for another season. While the format is generally the same, there are some changes. Hopefully, as the Fighting Irish kickoff the 2015 season, we see a few more changes from them. No, I’m not talking about absolutely killer uniforms, or stadium music, or any other superficial agenda that we […]

Notre Dame Haiku: Volume V

And we’re back with more Notre Dame Haiku. Loyal subjects, the goals are simple this year. One Haiku post for each game week, and you can / are expected / are invited to submit your own haikus via the comment section below (keep scrolling, it’s down there somewhere) or if you are on Twitter, you […]

Bagpipe Monday: Children’s Chips

Welcome to the opening BAGPIPE MONDAY here on Subway Domer for the 2015 season! Friends: I have been trying over the past few weeks to get excited for the season. Yes, yes… I am excited for the season to start and all that comes with it, but I’m talking about a different type of excitement. […]

Notre Dame Adds A Fork In Campus Crossroads Project

The University of Notre Dame released some details to its Campus Crossroads project via the school’s website on Tuesday. Among the details listed: Improvements to the Wi-Fi network within the stadium Enhancements to the existing sound system within the stadium bowl Renovation of restrooms and an increase in the number of women’s restrooms Renovation of […]

Notre Dame Football Top-7 Odds To Win Second College Football Playoff

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish have some lofty expectations heading into a season with a quarterback starting his first full campaign. Notre Dame finds itself in the top-seven for best odds to win a National Championship, hanging around some of the best programs in the country. The Fighting Irish are currently listed with 20-1 odds […]

Notre Dame’s 2015 Shamrock Series Uniforms Aren’t For Everyone

It’s like we almost forgot this was coming without a “swatchdown” to warn us. Yes folks, the 2015 Shamrock Series uniforms for Notre Dame are here- AND THEY’RE BEAUTIFUL! You can say whatever it is you like about these uniforms. I love them- in fact, I consider these to be the 2nd best all-time alternate […]