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VICTORY: Notre Dame 48, Rice 17

Of all of the possible storylines that could have happened today in South Bend, the return of Everett Golson trumps them all. Today, Irish fans and college football fans around the country were put on notice as Golson’s return to the field after a year and a half away from football, was nothing less than […]


The Anti-Preview: Notre Dame VS Rice

Welcome back to another season of Anti-Preview’s on Subway Domer. Sorry about last season you guys. You know… reasons and all that shit. But here we are at the dawn of the 2014 season. The offseason was going well and staying quiet until a just recently when this whole “academic fraud” thing popped up out […]


Bagpipe Monday: Resurrection Via Rice

Well, look at that. Bagpipe Monday has come back to Subway Domer after 2 years of playing the prodigal son. The feature was of the “weekly” nature for many years, but once the site gained a couple of handfuls of contributors, it was cautiously and respectfully put on the shelf. Before all of that, it […]

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Top 10 Notre Dame Football Alternate Uniforms Of All Time

Now that Notre Dame football has been making a yearly “changeup” to its football uniforms for almost a decade, it’s about time the Fighting Irish alternate uniforms get ranked. There is no one else more qualified to do this task than your truly, and I take this whole uniform business very seriously. Before we begin the […]

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Notre Dame Fashion: Uniforms, Shamrock Series Uniforms, And You

I wasn’t confused. Today Under Armour unveiled Notre Dame’s Home and Away Uniforms for 2014 as well as the 2014 Shamrock Series Uniforms. I went to the Defiance County Fair. It’s cool. I’ve been through these unveiling’s enough times in the past few years, that I felt confident enough that the world will not burn […]

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Notre Dame’s Depth Chart Thermometer

Everett Golson was named as the starting quarterback for Notre Dame by Brian Kelly today after practice. Comically, people (mostly reporters and zealous fans) lost their minds and took to the internet, newspapers, and television like they had just heard the prophetic words of a prophet of the Old Testament. All the while, I sat […]


How To Cope With Any Notre Dame Loss In 2014

Notre Dame fans are a passionate bunch. With that passion, there are obviously some very high HIGHS, but that also means there are some very LOW lows. This makes for a group of fans that are in need of as much therapy and “happy pills” as any group in the country. There is another way […]

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Is Notre Dame Football Getting Offensive?

The Fighting Irish are now knee deep into training camp. The week long “camping trip” to Culver is over, and the team is now in full pads and at home- hitting and clawing and kicking and bleeding on the practice field. Despite ESPN’s all day presence for Monday’s practice, the media has had very little […]

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Predicting Notre Dame’s 2014 Season With Science

So, the Irish start the season ranked #17 in the Coaches poll. I could think of worse ways to start a season (#18 comes to mind). With 2014 being the inaugural season for the new College Football Playoff, and the CFB Playoff Committee, I started to wonder about how the Irish might be able to […]

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Notre Dame Training Camp: A Day Two Thought

With the media denied any access to Notre Dame’s remaining practices this week, we are left with just the couple minute glimpse that FIDM’s RINGMASTER, Jack Nolan gives us on Watch ND. So, watching that clip a few times and adding it to my brain diary entry from yesterday’s video… I am getting pretty damn […]

Preparing for battle.

Notre Dame’s Preseason Is Underway

You’ll have to forgive me for the lack of any response to Friday’s press conference with Brian Kelly by this site. I’m sure it tore you apart to not read (or ignore all together) more of the same from a Brian Kelly fall camp opening presser (said with equal parts love and eye roll). I’ll […]


Subway Domer Podcast: HEY LET’S TALK FOOTBAW

KSF texted me about recording a podcast. A machine at work blew up. All of this CAN’T be a coincidence. So, join us as we talk about receivers, scary Navy, odds on the Irish winning next year, moles, skunkbears, and various other creatures in god’s Notre Dame football universe.

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Michigan Is Accustomed To Pointing Sticky Fingers

With all that should be asked about at Big Ten media days, it makes me laugh to hear about any Notre Dame questions. Two of the questions were for Michigan, and as Ryan Ritter has already covered the words belched out of Brady Hoke’s hot dog filled mouth, I’ll now take a look at what […]

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The Coming Of Tomorrow

With Notre Dame opening fall camp on August 4th at Culver Academies, I had some deep thoughts while walking the yard looking for more moles to kill. After the walk of blind death, I had a hard time trying to put it all together to give you something to read that will, hopefully, allow you […]