Subway Domer Podcast: HEY LET’S TALK FOOTBAW

KSF texted me about recording a podcast. A machine at work blew up. All of this CAN’T be a coincidence. So, join us as we talk about receivers, scary Navy, odds on the Irish winning next year, moles, skunkbears, and various other creatures in god’s Notre Dame football universe.

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Michigan Is Accustomed To Pointing Sticky Fingers

With all that should be asked about at Big Ten media days, it makes me laugh to hear about any Notre Dame questions. Two of the questions were for Michigan, and as Ryan Ritter has already covered the words belched out of Brady Hoke’s hot dog filled mouth, I’ll now take a look at what […]

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The Coming Of Tomorrow

With Notre Dame opening fall camp on August 4th at Culver Academies, I had some deep thoughts while walking the yard looking for more moles to kill. After the walk of blind death, I had a hard time trying to put it all together to give you something to read that will, hopefully, allow you […]

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KeiVarae Russell Continues To Grow Into An Elite Talent

Notre Dame at this point in time has no clue what to expect heading into the 2014 season. They would obviously like to get back into championship contention, but the common consensus is that they will go into the year right outside the top 10 as far as rankings are concerned. They have a lot […]

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Is That TRADITION? Notre Dame Stadium To Add Logos To Fieldturf

Notre Dame announced today that it will add the interlocking “ND” and some shamrocks to the newly installed fiedturf inside Notre Dame Stadium. While most of those that oppose the installation of the new fiedturf are most likely bothered by this recent update (I assume), there can be no cries about “TRADITION’ when, in fact, […]

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KeiVarae Russell Doesn’t Exist In The State Of Oklahoma

Preseason award watch lists are about as ridiculous as the preseason polls. I never get too excited or upset about either, but I still manage to find my way over to them because of some type of ridiculous addiction to all things college football. This must be what people who huff paint feel like. And […]


Essential Notre Dame Offseason: Florida State

So it all really comes down to this game. Well, not really, but this is THE game that most Irish fans have circled. Sure, USC is our rival, and FUCK MICHIGAN for the last time, but this game against the defending national champs and reigning Heisman Trophy winner in Tallahassee is a big one. Florida […]


Notre Dame Football: While You Were Sleeping…

I noticed something dreadful the other day. I noticed no new posts on this site since June 10th. I suppose I could spin you a tale about it being the summer and time with family and yada, yada, yada- and all that would be true. However, it really came down to just plain laziness on […]

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Essential Notre Dame Offseason: North Carolina

#goacc The Irish really start feeling that ACC love this week. It’s too bad this is a home game, as the middle of October is just PRIME North Carolina time. It could have been a road trip. It could have been. North Carolina North Carolina is a hard team to throw some shade on- at […]


Subway Domer Podcast: June Fools

The Subway Domer and Knute School Fool sit down and talk Notre Dame, college football, and just how bad Pitbull sucks. Also available via iTunes (search: Subway Domer Podcast).

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Essential Notre Dame Offseason: Stanford

And here comes some meat for the schedule. Stanford comes back to Notre Dame to face its demons. Those demons of getting stuffed on the goaline to lose the game? Well, yes- that and the even uglier demon of pissing and moaning about getting stuffed on the goaline by one of the grandest and most […]