A Notre Dame retrospective: the top 5 of all time

While it is good to be enjoying the current events of the game, it is sort of important to go back and check out the all-time stars just so that we know what kind of legacy the Notre Dame players have to live up to. This way we can both remind ourselves what to expect of them and how not to be too hard on them, because one way or another, they are carrying a long Notre Dame tradition, all with the help of https://slotsjudge.com/online-slots/. Now, let’s do this real quick talk and get back to demanding as much as possible from our players and watching the games. 

Joe Montana

Good old Joe Cool is the quarterback of the Notre Dame dreams. He was one of the best players that Notre Dame has ever produced, playing some of the most legendary games and bringing the team back from some of the most in hopeless situations. His most famous chicken game has become the stuff of local legend and, even today, Joe Cool remains on top of the list of the best players that the school has ever had. Joe now has managed to be one of the players with the most Superbowl rings, and that is something that has to be respected, but his roots lie with Notre Dame. He might have not been drafted as the first player, but over the years he has definitely managed to prove that he is one of the most important players in the history of the game. 

Tim Brown

Touchdown Timmy is the man whose mother did not want him to play football, but who built a career, a life and a legend out of his love for the sport. When he came to Notre Dame he was already expected to be one of the best players on the team, and he provided all the proof needed by becoming one of the best freshmen players in the history of Notre Dame football. He further continued to earn the Heisman Trophy, making him the first wide receiver to do so, and cementing his name as a legendary player. His career in the NFL was just as stellar and today, he is one of the most respected names in the game. 

Jerome Bettis

The famous dropout, he returned once to finish the courses and still did not finish, going back to his one and true love, Football. HE is one of the most impressive halfbacks to ever run the fields and is part of the pro football hall of fame. The Bus was his nickname, simply because he looked like a bus running down the field towards the goal line, and there was little to nothing that could stop this man. He might have dropped out of school in order to be able to play like a pro player, but he never forgot his love for the school, returning one last time before continuing his career as a pro football player. 

Joe Theismann

Joe is one of the many legendary quarterbacks that came out of Notre Dame, but even among them, he stands out as one of the best to have ever played. In his career at the school, he quickly built himself into being the starting quarterback, and set multiple records for. He was an All-American and a contender for the Heisman trophy. His performance throughout his college career almost landed him in the Dolphins, but he was really able to build himself into the star he is today with the Redskins, who he led to the Superbowl and built his own legend with the help of.

Alan Page

The true star of Alan Page only came about in his senior year of study at Notre Dame. He led the Irish to victory that year and became the All American selection for a tackle. He was then quickly drafted into the NFL, where his true potential shined the most and where he was shown to be one of the best defensive tackles in the history of the game. A respectable Notre Dame star indeed.