Notre Dame Pulls Off a Unique Uniform Against Syracuse

Notre Dame had arguably its biggest game to date this season in a showdown with 12th-ranked Syracuse. It was the Fighting Irish’ last remaining hurdle in their quest to attain a College Football Playoff berth.

As such, the game was played at Yankee Stadium, which made it even more epic, playing on the big stage.  The Irish looked ready to play with their new uniforms.  However, making a wager based on the team’s uniforms is not the best football betting strategy.

On the subject of being epic, Notre Dame’s uniforms for the game were…not that. They were Yankees-themed, with pinstripes on the shoulders and pants. This look had absolutely nothing to do with Notre Dame’s history. There wasn’t even really any gold in them.

We were looking for gold, and got next to none, aside from the circle around the logo. These uniforms were a fail. They looked cool, just not for Notre Dame.