Twittermania: The Weekly Top #NDFB Tweets 7/10/12

best #ndfb tweets
Welcome to Twittermania! This is the place where you will find the best #NDFB tweets (and just about anything else of the awesome nature) on the @TheSubwayDomer Twitter timeline. There is now a running total, a scoresheet if you will, that is located in the menu bar above, or by following THIS LINK.

It’s a great way to hand out the ultimate prize of GLORY, and it will also keep all the guys at HLS on their toes.

This week, Notre Dame recruiting is rolling as was my vacation. On to the tweets!

Twittermania: The Weekly Top #NDFB Tweets 7/10/12

The best tweets to come across the @TheSubwayDomer Twitter timeline.

Storified by The Subway Domer · Mon, Jul 09 2012 22:44:02

@TheSubwayDomer FYI, Bavaro was kneeling down in the endzone before Tebow threw a football and Rocket was in schoolGB
Now we are just piling it on. Good.
Sorry, Words With Friends, but "Domer" is a word…obviously.Leanor
Motherfucking word. 
#Workaholics RT @PootND: #JuggaloFelder RT @InTheBleachers: THEY HAVE FAYGO HERE!Michael Felder
Felder. Internet high five!
@TheSubwayDomer ah yes, the old adage: "The enemy of my enemy is my backup college."Jesse
Which means Ohio State & UCLA are in my top 3. 
Best post commitment tweet ever. +5 for Jesse.
"That’s the Freakbass of hats" — @sundownmotel on Alex Anzalone’s ND cap. (via @KevinOnCFB)Brian Floyd
I don’t care who said it, BUT WE DO NOT SPEAK HIS NAME!
In response to the Anzalone news, our official stance is "If we had fired Kelly, this would have happened MUCH more quickly."#offourgameNDNation PR.
Later, NDNation also announce that they would rather Anzalone play fullback. 
My long Air Raid opus is now up. 10,000 words, hours of video, 20 diagrams about the weirdest O around – Football
If you haven’t- slap the shit out of yourself. If you have, then you already know. Gold.
Chris Burman is the Ron Burgandy of our generation #HRDerbyTy Warnasch
Kind of, but in a weird too real way. Nothing cool about it. Sad, really.
im tired of all the BS. im ready for the season to start so we can silence all the haters! #NDnation #2k12TJ Jones
Motherfucking word.

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