Twittermania: The Weekly Top #NDFB Tweets 5/26/12

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Welcome to Twittermania! This is the place where you will find the best #NDFB tweets (and just about anything else of the awesome nature) on the @TheSubwayDomer Twitter timeline. There is now a running total, a scoresheet if you will, that is located in the menu bar above, or by following THIS LINK.

It’s a great way to hand out the ultimate prize of GLORY, and it will also keep all the guys at HLS on their toes.

This week, WE BE LATE AS ALL HELL! No excuses. Also, the ranking won’t be updated until tomorrow- or at least some time next week…

On to the tweets:

Twittermania: The Weekly Top #NDFB Tweets

The best tweets to come across the @TheSubwayDomer Twitter timeline.

Storified by The Subway Domer · Fri, May 25 2012 01:40:52

Of course I get stuck on a 3 hour flight seated directly next to a Michigan fan. Fuck you dude, just fuck you.Shane DeLeon
Brady Hoke’s Pinterest page just has 300 pictures of cookie cake.sir broosk
This great piece from @Ivan_Maisel is a good reminder that Fielding Yost was a coward who feared Knute Rockne: W.
That was a great start. Fuck Michigan!
There’s no bright side to look to when you sit and live in your pastTOOT DADDY FRESH™
I guess Daniels could be talking about his recent brush with the law, but it could serve as great advice to the Rock’s House crowd.
It went down. I started crying couldn’t believe it #NDGRADMichaelFloyd
Student. Athlete.
HLS server move still in progress folks. Sorry for the delay! (I blame DMQ)The Biscuit
Biscuit is getting 2 points for calling out MQ. It was his best play.

Notre Dame’s Mike Brey wants Big East to survive but added: "If it doesn’t work out, everyone’s got a spot for us"Brett McMurphy
At least the blatant arrogance by Notre Dame is still in tact in college athletics.  Jagoffs.Victory Lights
Notre Dame’s smugness and actual grounds for being smug would fit wonderfully in the Big Ten.Adam Kramer
Sounds like Mike Brey is dropping some truth bombs and the world isn’t ready to hear them.Chris W.
Oh, and Mike Brey is 300% spot on in what he said.Adam Kramer
I love Paula Dean, she’s using Natty Light for this Beer Butt chicken. Classing up Today show right now.Michael Felder
Natural Light is such an awesomely American beer. MERICA!
Isn’t it about time Maxim released a "Most beautiful recruiting analyst” list???Keith Niebuhr
FOX Sports/Scout would be like the SEC in that department- and that department only.
To all ND fans, the most accurate college fanbase map: Parnell
"RISE AND GRIND!" – McCormicks factory floor managerJesse
5 POINTS! Not sure why, but I do remember yelling out “BRILLIANT!” while reading it during a meeting at work. 
@PootND …and NOW we really are the Cubs of CFB. @SBN_BillCMatt Quirion
And that continues MQ’s path to becoming EmoNDfan88…
How much do you think it’d cost to get Notre Dame to anoint a Director of Red Zone Turnovers, and would you like to pitch in?Tom Fornelli
I got 5 on it!
@Andy_Staples There’s a 2016 CB named Ol’ Dirty Bastard McKenzie.Corey Long
@Andy_Staples UGA is said to be targeting two kids from that same high school, Gza Wilson and Inspectah Deck O’Herlihy.Doug
Wu Tang is always fantastic. Always.
So disappointed we missed out on Champs Sports Bowl rings, you guys.NDtex
Would have been WAY bigger than the Hawaii Bowl rings. Way bigger.
Does he know it’s against DuLac to put out? MT @McMurphyCBS: TX AD Dodds tells @CBSSports he isn’t for Big 12 expansion/admits courting NDSteve G
DAMMIT POOT! Poot almost got shutout this week. Almost.
Here is the new skull cap for the players to wear under their helmets this year Grooms
Nice conference call today with @adidasUS and @TroyLeeDesigns discussing our #ShamrockSeries designRyan Grooms
BRING ON THAT CAMO SHIT!!! You know you want to.
From fb…
Almost started growing a stache after seeing that. Almost. 
Fan. Freaking. Tastic. Every ND anyone with a social anything should be sharing this @ndmensoccer video. Bravo! O’Connor
ND needs to dump the Big East.  #nowJVH
JVH is my hero.

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