Six Notre Dame Players Invited To NFL Combine

Multiple outlets are reporting that six Notre Dame football players are invited to the NFL Draft Combine.

  • Michael Floyd
  • Taylor Dever
  • Harrison Smith
  • Robert Blanton
  • Darius Fleming
  • Jonas Gray

Although “6” does not seem like a very high number, it is considerable when you compare it to recent years, and an embarrassing “3” last year.

Jonas Gray was the last name to be reported on this list. This was a bit surprising; only due to the fact that Gray had a pretty horrific knee injury.

Floyd is expected to be Notre Dame’s lone first round selection.

There were two players of note that did not receive an invite. Those two players are Trevor Robinson and Gary Gray. Both players saw some regression in their play in 2011. I still expect both to sign UDFA contracts after the NFL Draft.

Good luck to all the players still chasing that dream.

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