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Welcome to Play on Playa here at Subway Domer. This is our fun little way of “ranking” the roster players for the 2012 Notre Dame football team. Really, it’s more like categorizing them. Below, you’ll find the chart that holds the keys to the Playa Kingdom. Let’s go…

george atkinson notre dameGeorge Atkinson III #4
Running Back / Kick Returner

If you are looking for potential, there is plenty of it in George Atkinson. After a solid freshman year that saw two kick returns for touchdown, and a pretty damn good spring that was capped off with a dominant Blue-Gold game performance; hopes are certainly very high for GA3.

The two kick returns for TD are what most people are probably drooling over. Against MSU it was that return that helped spark the Irish win, and against USC it put an Irish team very much back in the game after a dreadful start. His speed grants us hope in the big play.

george atkinson Major Playa 

Although GA3 has all of the potential of being a Supreme Playa, we can “only” rank him as a Major Playa right now. He will get his touches to prove that he is truly supreme, but ball security may still be a concern. However, we still expect BIG things from GA3 in 2012. 

ghostface killah Supreme Playa
Elite player for the Fighting Irish. This player is either a superstar
already, or right on the verge of superstardom. Absolutely vital
piece of the puzzle.
frank sinatra Major Playa
Major contributor for the Fighting Irish. This player is most likely 
a starter, but doesn’t have to be. The contributions from these
players will decide the outcomes of games.
ron jeremy Role Playa
We all have our roles to play, but these players will make their
living as one. They will come off the bench to provide needed 
help, and a “spark.”
charlie brown Playa In Training
This player is most likely to be a benchwarmer for this season,
but will be lined up for a great career if they keep their eye on 
the ball. 
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