Oh, Hey There Notre Dame Media Day, I Didn’t See You Come In

brian kelly media day notre dame
Despite what you may have heard, today wasn’t just the unveiling of the Shamrock Series uniforms. It was Notre Dame’s Media Day- the real one you guys.

I too got caught up in the hype and the awesome madness of the uniform unveiling, but there is some serious shit going on, and I have some serious thoughts. I’m going to share them with you- I promise, but that will be for this weekend. Letting it marinate man. Letting it marinate.

Until then, here is the full BK presser, the practice video that will have NDNation.com screaming, “THEY WOULD NEVER SYNCRONIZE DANCE IF ARA WAS COACHING…NEVER!!!!” and I might as well throw in the adidas video of the Notre Dame Shamrock Series unis. Enjoy, and remember: REAL ACTUAL FOOTBALL & REAL ACTUAL FOOTBALL TALK IS COMING. We promise.

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