Notre Dame To The ACC… Crack Those Bottles Open Boys!

notre dame acc

Notre Dame is heading to the ACC with all of its sports except football and hockey. Please allow the "FUCK"  & "YES" to sink in properly before you read on. 

Due to an awesomely timed computer crash that I suspect came from fans in Louisville and caused me to lose everything I just spent an hour on writing, I'm not going to write much of it again. Most of you already know my feelings on this, and there isn't one thing that I heard yesterday that has any real cause for concern. If you were under a rock yesterday and need more, I offer you this:

Yup. I'm pretty happy about this move that solidifies ALL of Notre Dame's athletic teams, keeps Football independent,  gives a better bowl structure for football, and maintains the integrity of the football schedule moving forward in a world that is seeing conferences moving towards a 9 game conference schedule. 

Special thanks to  Carl Lisle's Twitter avi at the top. 

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