Is The Blue & Gold Spring Game Going To Be On TV?

Keith Arnold is as good of a source as any when it comes to this subject. I wonder if he has already started conditioning his hair so his glorious mane will softly blow in the wind and repel and water that you absolutely know will shower down in the stadium… Hmmmmmm.

Anyways… This is great news for Irish fans across the country, and hopefully the NBC Sports Network not only does another Celebration of Notre Dame on St. Patrick’s Day, but that they carry that momentum into the summer and dedicates every Tuesday night to Notre Dame ( or something like that… until the Olympics).

This, of course, does have me thinking: What 3 games would you like to see, if NBCSN does the Celebration? Tell me in the comment section below. There are three rules:

  • It must include 2 wins and one loss.
  • It can’t be one of the games shown last year (93 FSU, Snow Bowl, & Bush Push)
  • It must be a Notre Dame HOME game from sometime between 1991-2011. NBC, ya know…
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