Irish Blogger Gathering: Haiku The Ball & Death To The Skunkbears

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Welcome to the Irish Blogger Gathering on Subway Domer. This week, I was able to swap questions with known Skunkbear hater and founder of the Anti-Skunkbear League, THE BISCUIT. 

Be sure to head over to Her Loyal Sons for my answers to The Biscuits inquiries, as well as both Strong And True and Inside The Irish for more IBG action for the Michigan game. 

I asked The Biscuit to phrase his questions in the form of haiku and to include a video for each one as well. 

Friends, Get YOUR haiku on in the comment section below. Answer the same questions or provide your own concoction- either way let's haiku the damn ball and get rolling…

1.  Describe the way Michigan makes you feel.

A sickening scourge,        

feels like vomit at Walmart.

A cesspool of Suck.


2. Why do we hate Michigan so damn much.

Attempted murder      

only made us much stronger

But I won't thank them


3. Prediction for Saturday Night.

Unleash the fury

of Infinite Irish Pride-

Lei's fall from Heaven


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