Bagpipe Monday: Who Shot Ya?

Welcome to Bagpipe Monday on Subway Domer. Friends, the season is steadily approaching and things everywhere are heating up. To no surprise, the Notre Dame quarterback battle has been on full scale attack mode for the past several months. Who is going to be QB1? Everyone has an opinion, and most of those opinions revolve around Tommy Rees & Everett Golson.

What people fail to realize when reading all of these articles about the ND QB1 situation from all over the web, is that a lot of tImes, we are stating why Kelly may go with a particular player and not who we think should start.

Regardless, I have this nightmare scenario that keeps playing in my head over and over again… What if Dayne Crist just kills it at Kansas? It could very well happen, and furthermore, what if Crist is a machine and ND struggles at QB? It would be a media blitz against Kelly with 80% of our fanbase leading the charge.

Oh boy. Don’t forget to vote in this weeks poll (Taco vs. Burrito was a bloodbath with Burrito the victor) and enjoy the “pipes.”

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