BAGPIPE MONDAY: Jarron Jones is a GOD!

Welcome to Bagpipe Monday on Subway Domer. Friends, fall camp is finally here and and you can just feel the season getting closer and closer to kicking off. Every year I try to warn people of the dangers of placing freshman in the 2 Deep or, heaven help us, as a starter. It’s not just Irish fans that tend to do this each August, but really any college fan that follows recruiting fairly closely. 

It’s not that I don’t think these players are very, very talented or that Notre Dame certainly needs help at some positions- it’s just that we really have no idea how good, how ready, and even just how the staff sees where these kids fall in line. I’ll I’m asking is that you control yourselves when discussing the freshman. They are here to save the program- but maybe not until 2014.

Don’t forget to vote in this weeks poll (you can scold me later) and enjoy the pipes! 

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