Arms Race: Subway Domer Welcomes Steve In Iowa & Blog Davie

subway domer arms race
Subway Domer has always strived to continually improve itself. Whether that be adding new features, or working on joint ventures with other Irish bloggers and writers- this blog wants to be the best that is possibly can be (sorry y’all… we do try).

It  is in that spirit, that Subway Domer heats up this Arms Race and pisses all over the proliferation treaty with Her Loyal Sons. Please welcome TWO new writers to the Subway Domer Empire:

  • Steve in Iowa
  • Blog Davie

You may be familiar with their work at Gameday 40, and their contributions to the Irish Blogger Gathering. They have proven themselves to be excellent bloggers, and your Emperor is excited as all hell to have landed their talents. Steve in Iowa and Blog Davie will be excellent additions to the staff that already includes The Brawling Hibernian, KGG, The Subway Domer, and Philly Kelly (the official, unofficial Graphic Designer- officially).

So please take a quick moment and welcome our newest Brigadier Generals. I SAID WELCOME THEM GOD DAMMIT! 

The Subway Domer

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