The 2010 Subway Domer All-American Team…Recognize!

Welcome to the 4th annual Subway Domer All-American Team. After doing this for 4 years, you would think that the process gets a little easier. Quite the contrary, really. I watch A LOT of college football. Maybe not as much as Phil Steele- but I’m not making a living on this stuff either. I am truly amazed at the level of talent spread throughout the country and I think this list is indicative of that trend.

A couple of quick notes; I list three CB’s on the 1st and 2nd team because that role is increasing more and more and deserves more recognition. Safeties are safeties- it didn’t matter whether they were classified as a “Free” or a “Strong.” As I did last year, I will have a little bit of commentary for you, but I probably won’t talk about every player. OK then, here we go…

1st Team Offense

  • QB- Ryan Mallett… ARKANSAS.
  • RB- Mark Ingram… ALABAMA
  • RB- Ryan Williams… VIRGINIA TECH
  • WR- Michael Floyd… NOTRE DAME
  • WR- Julio Jones… ALABAMA
  • WR- Jon Baldwin… PITT
  • TE- Kyle Rudolph… NOTRE DAME
  • OT- Anthony Castonzo… B.C.
  • OT- Lee Ziemba… AUBURN
  • OG- Steve Wisniewski… PENN STATE
  • OG- Justin Boren… OHIO STATE
  • CT- Kris O’Dowd… U$C
  • FB- Stanley Havili… U$C

You will not find Terrelle Pryor on this team. Not the first team and not the second team, as you will see in a bit. I am not someone who is swayed by one game (Rose Bowl). Ryan Mallet is the real deal and possesses all the tools to be great.

Mark Ingram is a no-brainer, but if you told me to pick just one running back for my team, I would go with Ryan Williams. Williams is a dynamic back that runs with a lot of power. All signs point to … AWESOME!

This is an unbelievable trio of WR’s. All of them are true juniors, and all of them are in the front-pack of Biletnikoff Award hopefuls.

Kyle Rudploh is the best TE in college football, and he could have started for 1/2 of the teams in the NFL- last year. His junior season could be his last.

In a year where a lot of the good lineman are floating under the radar, Anthony Castonzo and 8th year senior Kris O’Dowd stand out.

Stanley Havili has probably been the best fullback in college since he started playing their in 1999. He can do it all, and is one of the key components of that offense.

1st Team Defense

  • greg jonesDE- Robert Quinn… NC
  • DE- Greg Romeus… PITT
  • DT- Marvin Austin… NC
  • DT- Jerrell Powe… MISSISSIPPI
  • OLB- Bruce Carter… NC
  • OLB- Von Miller… TEXAS A&M
  • ILB- Greg Jones… MICHIGAN ST.
  • ILB- Quan Sturdivant… NC
  • CB- Patrick Peterson… LSU
  • CB- Prince Amukamara… NEBRASKA
  • CB- Brandon Harris… MIAMI (FL.)
  • S- Deunta Williams… NC
  • S- Mark Barron… ALABAMA

North Carolina’s defense should be one of the best we have seen in CFB in the past decade. 5 players grace the first team with 4 of those 5 playing on the front 7.

Greg Romeus will be a household name either by the end of this year, or after his rookie year in the NFL in 2011. You might as well pay attention to him now.

Notre Dame players aren’t the only ones to benefit from moving from a 4-3 to a 3-4, Von Miller will have even more room to tear after opposing quarterbacks.

Greg Jones is an absolte tackle machine. His story is a lot like the Waterboy’s. Tackling fuel.

The top two defensive backs are in the SEC- of course. Patrick Peterson just says no to passing, and Mark Barron is the Robber Barron of CFB.

2nd Team Offense

  • AJ GREENQB- Case Keenum… HOUSTON
  • RB- Jaquizz Rodgers… OREGON ST.
  • RB- Noel Devine… WEST VIRGINIA
  • WR- AJ Green… GEORGIA
  • WR- Ryan Broyles… OKLAHOMA
  • WR- Devier Posey… OHIO STATE
  • TE- DJ Williams… ARKANSAS
  • OT- Gabe Carimi… WISCONSIN
  • OT- Matt Reynolds… BYU
  • OG- Rodney Hudson… FLORIDA ST.
  • OG- Stephen Schilling… MICHIGAN
  • CT- Ryan McMahon… FLORIDA ST.
  • FB- Charles Clay… TULSA

I almost put Ricky Dobbs here instead of Keenum, but what Keenum does is just so damn extraordinary.

The first team had the prototypical running backs, and now here are two smaller, quicker, and bigger home run types of backs. Amazing running styles.

AJ Green and Broyles should be a part of a 5 WR first team. Broyles is the WR that you haven’t been mindfucked into loving… yet.

DJ Williams is more than just a TE. He is more of an H-Back and is powerful with the ball in his hands.

The Seminole duo of Hudson and McMahon are the best CT/G combo in the country.

Charles Clay is Haviliesque in his ability to destroy you in a variety of ways. He had more receiving yards than rushing yards in 2009 and tallied up 12 TD’s.

2nd Team Defense

  • akeem ayersDE- Cameron Heyward… OHIO STATE
  • DE- Adrian Clayburn… IOWA
  • DT- Jared Crick… NEBRASKA
  • DT- Jurrell Casey… U$C
  • OLB- Akeem Ayers… UCLA
  • OLB- Mark Herzlich… BC
  • ILB- Chris Galippo… U$C
  • ILB- Dont’a Hightower… ALABAMA
  • CB- Ras-I Dowling… VIRGINIA
  • CB- Kendric Burney… NC
  • CB- Chimdi Chekwa… OHIO STATE
  • S- DeAndre McDaniel… CLEMSON
  • S- Rahim Moore… UCLA

Heyward and Clayburn are out to prove that the Big Ten has playmakers on the defensive line.

Crick did very well while Suh was double and triple teamed. Can Crick take over that role?

Mark Herzlich gets this spot for kicking the shit out of cancer. I firmly believe that he won’t be 100% for the season, but 80% from him is still better than 99% of the country.

Galippo will try to cement himself as one of the Trojan greats while breaking in a new defense. It doesn’t really matter to him.

Chimdi Chekwa is the best corner that those outside of the midwest have never heard of before. He was a recruiting surprise and has become a lockdown corner. Typical OSU corner, physical and plays the ball well.

McDaniel should probably be a 1st teamer. He had over 100 tackles, 8 INT’s, and 2 sacks in 2009. Impressive. Most impressive.

Special Teams

  • K- Kai Forbath… UCLA
  • P- Drew Butler… GEORGIA
  • PR- Ryan Broyles… OKLAHOMA
  • KR- Chris Owusu… STANFORD

Forbath is steady and deadly.
Butler kicks the shit out of the ball.
Broyles and Owusu are both dual threats at WR and returning kicks/punts. Venomous.

So, there you have it. It probably isn’t perfect, but what is? Feel free to agree with me or bitch at me. Either way, I win.

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