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As it has been painfully obvious for all of you, my faithful subjects of the Subway Domer Kingdom, your Emperor (that’s me) has been somewhat silent for the past week. That’s mainly due to the vicious attack I received from a trio of Boiler fans hellbent on my destruction. The other part is because my computer has become a piece of shit. Sorry.

During this week-long enslavement of mobile phone internet ( I really should have gotten an iPhone- and will do so soon enough) Notre Dame got themselves SIX verbal commitments for the class of 2011. Let’s take a quick look at these new Sons of Notre Dame ( so ya better sign in February) and see how they fit in this class or something along those lines…

matthias farleyMatthias Farley is not the bastard son of Chris Farley. It’s a sad reality, but all he is, is a 6’1″ 185 pound cornerback from North Carolina. Oh bummer. A tall, fast, athletic corner. I’m not sure if we need any of those. But what he does have, is an amazing head of hair. Those dreads mean business, and intercepting passes is the business at hand.

Looking at the depth chart for 2011 and beyond, it appears that Farley will have a lot of competition right off the bat. While no one else will be able to compete against him in a “Sweet Ass Dreads” contest, Blanton and Gray will be seniors, Banks will be sophomoric, and Wood and Boyd will probably both be in their 2nd year / frosh seasons (eligibility wise for them all).

This is a quality pick-up with a lot of upside. Farley chose Notre Dame on April 21st over Wisconsin, North Carolina State, and UCLA- amongst others.

Welcome to ND Matty Dreads!!!

tony springmannTony Springmann is not the bastard cousin of Sam Young. Not enough freckles, but the bright orange hair is quite striking. ( Springmann and Farley could really mix it up at a Sock-Hop). Springmann is a local hero (around my parts) and fans and family in the Bishop Dwenger stands ( same Dwenger as John Goodman and Tyler Eifert) were overheard for much of the 2009 season that Tony was going to play for Notre Dame. I was thinking, “That’s nice… does Notre Dame know about this?” It took a little while for ND to “know” this and they finally extended an offer to Tony- which of course he accepted with shouts of glee.

As highly touted as Tony is as an offensive lineman, I keep reading about him being used in South Bend as a defensive end. Isn’t that what we got Bruce Heggie for? Tony can run and is more athletic than his Ginger persona would have you believe. His size is what will make him stand out (pun intended). At 6’6″ and around 260 pounds, Springmann has a frame to grow into. Br afraid for your own soul Matt Barkley!

I was really glad to see another Fort Wayne kid get a shot at playing under the Golden Dome. Tony chose Notre Dame during his visit for the Blue-Gold game over Stanford, Boston College, and Michigan State- amongst others.

Welcome to ND Tony!!!

jarrett graceJarrett Grace is a native son of Cincinnati- which is also known as Notre Dame, Ohio. Grace is the prototypical inside linebacker for the 3-4 as he measures in at 6’4″ and 235 pounds. It would seem that his biggest fault, is that he is probably lying about his age. I’d guess that he is actually 23 and Notre Dame could be investigated by the NCAA soon enough! This is a big kid.

Grace will step into a linebacking situation in 2011 that is a little uncertain and a little certain. Irish fans will begin to hold their breathes over what Te’o may do after the season, being a Mormon and all. But after Te’o, the Irish still have Anthony McDonald and Carlos Calabrese to hold down the middle with The Poz lurking somewhere too.

The depth that ND is creating within its LB corps is starting to make me drool testosterone. Jarrett chose Notre Dame over Stanford, Boston College, and North Carolina St. amongst others during what has turned out to be a.very eventful Blue-Gold Game weekend.

Welcome to ND Bountiful Grace!!!

conor hanrattyConor Hanratty is not the bastard son of Terry Hanratty. Conor is the actual non-bastard son of Terry Hanratty, former Notre Dame quarterback and current Notre Dame legend. Conor gave his blood oath to serve Notre Dame and protect its honor whilst defending his entire ancestry verbal commitment to the Irish over the same Blue-Gold Weekend as Grace, and Springmann. What a showstopper!

An interesting fact about Hanratty. He continues the pipeline of legacies from the great state of Connecticut to the Golden Dome in South Bend. he follows the footsteps of the Golic Brothers and Asaph Schwapp- uhh wait a minute. OK, maybe not Schwapp, but definitely the Golics. Which leads me to ask; Why aren’t more former players living in Connecticut and breeding for the love of their Alma Mata? Get to work Rocket!!!!

Conor chose Notre Dame over Stanford, Boston College, and Florida State amongst others. Like there was really much doubt.

Welcome to ND Conor, Son of Terrence!!!

ben koyackBen Koyack has no parents.He is a gift from the ancient Egyptian god, Khnum- the creator of life around the Nile. Koyack will bring some life to the Golden Dome with a 6’5″ 230 pound frame that is already inviting comparisons to current Fighting Irish superstud, Kyle Rudolph. Ben waited until the Tuesday after the Blue-Gold Game to give his verbal commitment to the Irish. Kind of… Presidential.

While Notre Dame has not had any problems getting commitments from the top TE’s in the country, it has had a slight problem in keeping some of that talent on campus. With the chance that Kyle Rudolph could leave for the NFL after the 2010 season becoming more than probable, Ben could enter Notre Dame in the middle of a position battle among guys like Ragone, Eifert, Welch, and Golic.

Ben chose Notre Dame over everybody in the whole fucking world Ohio State, Penn State, and Wisconsin amongst others. Seriously. His offer list would even impress

Welcome to ND Ben gift of Khnum!!!

matthew hegartyMatthew Hegarty is leaving the great state of New Mexico. You heard me… New Mexico. I’m not sure if Notre dame has ever got a football player, or a golfer from the state of New Mexico- but it has at least one of those now, if not both.Hegarty is a 6’5″ 265 pound offensive tackle that reminds me of a young Terry Funk. So you could say that Matthew could be the bastard son of Terry Funk.

Brian Kelly is certainly looking to improve the Fighting Irish offensive line, and scoring a blue-chip offensive tackle before we get out of the April Showers is a big, big win early in the recruiting wars.Hegarty will enter the shadow of the Golden Dome with some nice talent in front of him and will provide depth to a unit that has been the center of the blame for most offensive woes the past – well for a while now.

Matthew chose Notre Dame over U$C, Harvard, and Oklahoma. So, he doesn’t care about getting paid to play, an Ivy League education, or being a top 5 NFL Draft choice. It make you wonder what he does care about.

Welcome to ND Matt the New Mexican!!!

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